Idaho school shooting: 3 Injured, Pupil Defendant in custody, Police say

Idaho school shooting: 3 Injured, Pupil Defendant in custody, Police say

Victims' injuries didn't seem crucial, sheriff stated

A student opened fire with an Idaho middle school Thursday afternoon, wounding a custodian and two additional pupils prior to being taken into custody, police confirmed to some local news outlet.

The active-shooter situation occurred at Rigby Middle School in Jefferson County about 9:15 a.m. multiple law enforcement agencies responded to the scene.

The custodian and 2 pupils that were taken were rushed to a hospital with injuries that didn't seem benign, Jefferson County Sheriff Steve Anderson advised East Idaho News.

No specifics surrounding the shooting were quickly available.

Idaho Gov. Brad Little tweeted he is"praying to the lives and security" of these affected from the shooting.

"We had a school shooting at Rigby Middle School," Martin stated. "What we know so much is that the shooter was apprehended. There's not any additional threat to the pupils."

Pupils were evacuated to Rigby High School where parents could pick up the kids, the East Idaho News reported.

The neighboring Ririe School District stated that although there was no direct danger to its colleges at the moment, it had been issuing a shelter-in-place sequence as a preventative step.

Rigby is a little town about 95 miles south of Yellowstone National Park.

In 1999, a student in a high school at Notus fired a shotgun many times. No one has been struck from the bullets, but one student had been injured with ricocheting debris in the initial shell.

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