In a fatal home invasion, a suspect was arrested and charged with the murder of a former Kentucky lawmaker's child.

Shannon Gilday, 23 years old, was accused of shooting Jordan Morgan (32-year-old) and exchanging gunfires with her father, ex-Kentucky state Rep. Wesley Morgan.

In a fatal home invasion, a suspect was arrested and charged with the murder of a former Kentucky lawmaker's child.

RICHMOND (Ky.) -- An individual was sought in a fatal shooting at a home of a former Kentucky legislator. He was taken into custody early Monday by the Kentucky State Police.

Shannon Gilday (23 years old) was taken into custody by a Madison County Sheriff’s deputy after he was found walking on a road. Police released a statement.

Last week, Gilday was charged by police with murder, first degree burglary, first grade criminal mischief and first-degree assault in connection to an invasion of the home of Wesley Morgan, former state Rep.

Gilday is accused in forcing his way into the Richmond home and shooting Jordan Morgan, 32. He then exchanged gunfire with Wesley Morgan before fleeing.

Surveillance video outside the house shows a person walking around in front of it. Police believe this person to be Gilday.

Morgan was a Madison County state representative serving one term.

Morgan said that he woke up after hearing the shots that had killed his daughter. He confronted the suspect and shot him three times with an AR-15. Morgan claimed that he took a gun from his bedroom and shot the intruder. He then called 911. Police said Morgan was released from a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Gilday's mother, who released a statement on Friday, said that her son was "distraught with uncertainty about a nuclear war being imminent," according to news outlets.

"My son Shannon Gilday who I love so much, has been unable to think clearly the past few weeks. He is distraught by the fact that a nuclear war will soon be imminent. He talked about building a bunker, and the CIA following. She said that she tried to get him mental health care but was unsuccessful.

Morgan's house is under a bunker, and Kentucky State Police Sergeant. Robert Purdy previously stated that investigators knew of the bunker's possible motive, but could not be certain until they spoke with Gilday.

It wasn't immediately clear if Gilday had an attorney.

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