In the news this Saturday, September 9...


In the news this Saturday, September 9...

G20. Reuniting a 'dysfunctional' family is how the UN boss described Friday's G20 summit, which will seek compromises on the economy and climate but remains deeply divided over the war in Ukraine. Most heads of state and government arrived in New Delhi on Friday to attend a two-day meeting on Saturday and Sunday. It will be held without Russian President Vladimir Putin and without Chinese President Xi Jinping, whose absence raises the question of the relevance of this great diplomatic rally. Emmanuel Macron will also visit Bangladesh this weekend. It must continue “the concrete implementation of the French strategy in the Indo-Pacific”.

Mayotte. The Mahorais say stop. Saturday September 9, a demonstration is organized in the capital of the overseas department facing an unprecedented water shortage. Mayotte is subject to its most severe drought since 1997, while its supply depends mainly on rainwater. For several months, water has been distributed slowly to residents, who numbered 300,000 as of January 1, 2022, according to INSEE. The Minister for Overseas Affairs Philippe Vigier, visiting Mayotte on September 4, announced distributions of bottles, the deployment of tanks as well as aid to businesses.

North Korea. Pyongyang, which is celebrating 75 years since the proclamation of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) on Saturday, has already indicated it will hold a military parade to mark the occasion. A Russian military song and dance orchestra arrived Thursday in the country where a Chinese delegation is also expected. North Korea has further isolated itself from the outside world since early 2020, when it closed its borders in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. They are gradually reopening.

Rugby World Cup. The day after France's victory against the New Zealanders in the opening match of the World Cup, four new matches are on the program. At 1 p.m., Italy will open this new day of competition against Namibia. From 3:30 p.m., in Bordeaux, Ireland will face Romania. At the Stade de France, Australia will face Georgia from 6 p.m. Finally, the last match of the day will be played in Marseille, between England and Argentina.

Le Mans. The GP Explorer, a car race bringing together internet celebrities, launches its 2nd edition on Saturday on the Le Mans circuit, to a sold-out crowd, the 60,000 tickets on sale having been sold out in less than an hour. Scripted like a large-scale sporting event, with production means worthy of a professional car race with free practice, a qualifying session or even a drivers' parade, this second GP Explorer will put around twenty creators to the test of content on Formula 4s.