Inmates Point uprising in St. Louis jail dogged by unrest

Inmates Point uprising in St. Louis jail dogged by unrest

Inmates were spotted tossing things from broken windows and placing a flame

Inmates broke windows, set a fire, and hauled debris into the floor late Sunday in a St. Louis, Missouri prison that's been plagued by uprisings lately.

Inmates were spotted tossing objects from broken windows and setting up a fire.

Law enforcement reacted to bring the prison in check. Inmates had moved out from the broken windows by approximately 10:30 p.m., in accordance with information outlets. Then around 11 pm, inmates broke windows on the opposite side of the prison and started throwing things again. Ten minutes after, the offenders had vanished again and officials could be found inside.

It was unclear if anyone was hurt.

Some inmates have been heard yelling requirements for court dates. Proceedings have been postponed on account of this coronavirus pandemic.

An uprising in the prison on Feb. 6 included over 100 offenders and delivered one corrections officer into the hospital. Officials said detainees were angry about conditions in the prison and had worries about COVID-19.

There were four uprisings in the prison since December.

A task force has been appointed to look into problems at prison.

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