Inés Arrimadas Relationships: her divorce and her "true" new dream

The news was confirmed last Thursday

Inés Arrimadas Relationships: her divorce and her "true" new dream

The news was confirmed last Thursday. Inés Arrimadas (42) and Xavier Cima (45) have ended their marriage after seven years of marriage. The former leader of Ciudadanos and her partner have carried out the dissolution of their marriage in the last two weeks and on very good terms, as LOC has learned. Arrimadas and Cima said yes, I want in Jerez in July 2016. Now they decide to go their separate ways "by mutual agreement" and are willing to maintain a good relationship, especially for the sake of their children.

There had been many reports that indicated that this couple was not going through a good time. In fact, there had been speculation that they had gone to Jerez to try to silence this rumor mill and focus on recovering their relationship. From those around Inés Arrimadas they deny that this decision had to do with the state of her marriage with Xavi but rather that it is related to the care of her two children. At the end of last year they decided to head to Jerez, Inés' homeland, to improve conciliation at the family level. Their first child, Álex, arrived in May 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, and in March 2022 they welcomed Marc.

The arrival of the second child complicated the conciliation in Madrid, where neither Xavi nor Inés had a family. Either they hired someone to help them with parenting or they had to make very complicated balances to be able to care for them. Inés's parents and siblings are in Jerez, so the conciliation work improved. Arrimadas also had the support of his family on a professional level, since everything indicated that Ciudadanos was going to disappear from the political scene.

Inés herself shared on her Instagram account on April 5 a reflection on this change and the importance of being close to her loved ones. "There are few things more beautiful than showing the streets of your childhood and youth to your children. This is how we spent a little time on this special afternoon with Álex and Marc. Anyone who has children in a city far from their grandparents knows how difficult it is. reconcile again when they are not around. In our case, neither in Barcelona nor in Madrid have we ever had our close relatives and, with two very young children, we have decided to move to Jerez to be able to have the family close by. They are delighted! !", he claimed. And he added: "Being able to spend more and better time with your children is priceless. And, although you already know that I have never needed excuses to go to Jerez, we have made this decision thinking about what is best from a personal point of view for the entire family. Although I spend more hours on trains and planes, being the spokesperson for Ciudadanos in Congress is an immense source of pride and an unparalleled honor, because it is the most beautiful political project that has illuminated our country and, above all, the only one that Spain defends. of free and equal rights that we deserve and that are worth fighting for. You already know: I am always with Ciudadanos."

Last summer, rumors of a breakup between the couple arose again and both decided to share an image on their respective Instagram accounts that showed them together on the beach and enjoying their children. Shortly before, this supplement contacted Inés herself to ask about a breakup that she herself denied. The couple has now decided to put an end to any speculation and confirm that their marriage has ended amicably.

The former leader of the orange party was traveling to Madrid by train to attend to her commitments in Congress. Xavi could and can also carry out her professional activity from Jerez, so even though they have separated, they will continue living in the same city. Cima worked as Corporate Affairs Director of Kreab until at the end of 2021 she ended her employment relationship with this company, as LOC revealed exclusively. Kreab highlighted Xavi's talent and praised his people skills, as well as his professionalism. After leaving this large communications consultancy, Cima took another step in his career and founded his own under the name Year One Partners. It is a Corporate Diplomacy consulting firm that offers strategic advice and support to companies and organizations on how to handle international business.

For her part, Inés Arrimadas also has new challenges. Some media have suggested that politics would already have a new hope, information that has also reached this supplement. However, those around them do not confirm the news and advance that "the only and true" new dream for Arrimadas, in addition to his children, is a new job that he will begin to develop at the beginning of 2024. It is a multinational company that will will allow you to continue residing in Jerez and about which they still do not want to give details. "Inés is calm, happy and excited," they conclude.