Invectives and low blows were used to agitate the television evening of the legislative election.

LCI zooms in on the terrace at the Atelier, Nupes HQ in Paris's 10th arrondissement.

Invectives and low blows were used to agitate the television evening of the legislative election.

LCI zooms in on the terrace at the Atelier, Nupes HQ in Paris's 10th arrondissement. Jean-Luc Melenchon eats a sandwich with a cup of coffee in his hand. After Sunday's success of his leftist cartel, he is still recovering from the "emotion". In a statement earlier, he urged his people to "surge" to the polls for the second round on June 19. The camera continues to follow him as he dreams of greeting the mass media on the balcony. He could have celebrated his "Meluche", entering politics in 1972 under the pseudonym "Santerre" as a Lambertist Trotskyist and fifty years later, rekindling leftist flames with the New Popular Ecological, Social and Social.

On television stations, Nupes is a common acronym. Which is "Nup's", Nupaisse, or even Nu-PS. It was not enough to distract the "rebellious") lieutenants from the maneuver. They are in combat formation and they use their sets to grab voters and seats. They eat the hocks of macronists like a gangster, licking their chops. Both candidates are in Paris, and they have a duel on France 2, where the second candidate opposes Sophia Chikirou, the government spokesperson Olivia Gregoire. Radiant, the first asserts that "massive absenteeism is a failure of Emmanuel Macron who has spanned legislative elections", and even evokes in a falsely chagrin tone, "the impression that campaigning alone was what we had". The second purses her lips. The "rebellious" trickster pushes where it hurts: the non-campaign of the president that many Macronist candidates privately regret.

Olivia Gregoire responds to Jean-Luc Melenchon's claim that he has never been a Prime Minister of cohabitation. It is not enough to sing the praises of the Elysee host. The macronists' luster fades on the second round. They feel disoriented, confused, lost and without direction. Michel Blanquer (candidate in the Loiret) has just rolled in sawdust. Elisabeth Borne fills in the gaps if necessary. Broadcast live, Calvados' Prime Minister and Leading Candidate gives a speech that is as long as a day without bread. It looks like they have put a robot into Matignon! "Tackling Francois Rudffin qualified for the second round at the Somme.

Rachida Dati is not a robot. She evades "Emmanuel Macron wanted extremes." He slaps them in the face! ". Guillaume Peltier, [candidate for Reconquest] is also there. ex-LR, Editor’s note: He engages in the following: "Macronism leads into melenchonisme" or "500 deputies left and right in the Assembly". Interrupted by the ax of the Loir-etCher personal result: He is eliminated. Clementine Autain laughs, as he faces Guillaume Peltier or Rachida Dati. The latter will soon see the light. "Lower your voice!" ", exclaims the LR. "Stop! ", pings Nupes. It's a real wrestling match in the mud... Rachida Dati is soon on the France 2 set, tapping her laptop. She is not the same. She no longer attacks Emmanuel Macron. In fact, she even offers to serve the president's camp. She said, "We are a party that is accountable and a party that is a party to government." Although his troops were reduced in size by the National Assembly, they could still be used for a relative majority of the presidential election. It's easy to see that she received messages from Nicolas Sarkozy between her performances.

Jordan Bardella, far from the hold of the first two blocks, is as fresh as a roach. He even looks as if he was wearing hair gel while shopping to Reconquest voters. He chants, "There is no fatality" in the alternative between the president's majority and the union left. The far right had never before won so many legislative election votes. Eric Zemmour was killed by Marine Le Pen. And Jordan Bardella can set sail for 2027.

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