Iran: new poisoning cases, investigation continues

Strong suspicions of societal scandal in Iran

Iran: new poisoning cases, investigation continues

Strong suspicions of societal scandal in Iran. New cases of intoxication of young girls were listed on Sunday March 5 in several regions of the country, where the mystery persists on this case which causes strong emotion in the country.

The poisoning of several students was reported in two girls' high schools in the cities of Abhar (West) and Ahvaz (South-West), but also in a primary school in Zanjan (West), reported in the morning. Isna news agency, citing local health officials.

Schoolgirls were poisoned, in particular, in schools in the holy city of Mashhad (North-East), Shiraz (South) and Isfahan (Center), according to the Mehr and Ilna agencies. Over the past three months, several hundred cases of gas poisoning have been reported in 52 establishments, according to the official tally.

In a statement released on Saturday evening, Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi reported the discovery of "suspicious samples" during "field research", without further details. President Ebrahim Raisi had asked the interior and intelligence ministries on Friday to "defeat the enemy's plot which aims to create fear and despair among the population".

Interviewed by Fars, Deputy Interior Minister Majid Mirahmadi accused the "designers of the poisoning of girls" of wanting to "shut down schools" but also of "blaming the system" in order to " rekindle the extinguished flame of the riots". The official was referring to the protest movement sparked in Iran by the death on September 16 of Mahsa Amini, a young woman detained by the morality police who accused her of having violated the strict Dress Code imposing, in particular, on women the wearing of sail.

According to Majid Mirahmadi, "a very small percentage" of poisonings were caused by "intentional actions", but "a significant portion" of students suffered complications due to "anxiety and stress". Last week, a Health Ministry official explained that "certain individuals" were seeking, through these actions, to "close all schools, especially girls' schools." This version has not been taken over by other maintainers. This mysterious case provoked mobilizations of parents of students worried about their children and asking the authorities to act.