IRON MAIDEN invites fans to "Belshezzar’s Feast" on July 15

Recenty, there was aIt's a very complex theoryA poster advertising Belshezzar's Feast was placed around the area. It all tied back toIron MaidenNew music will be released on July 15. The band just posted "An invitation" to Belshezzar’s Feast on Jul 15. It's not clear if this is the name of the song or the album. But, hey, it's new!Iron MaidenIt's coming!

IRON MAIDEN invites fans to "Belshezzar’s Feast" on July 15

This all began in 2019, when longtime employees were employed.Iron MaidenProducer Kevin "Caveman” Shirley wrote in his social media recap, that he was working very hard on an "unnamed but not-very secret project" all year. This left "a loud buzzing in my ears." This was repeated in 2020 and 2021.Members of the band hint that something may be coming.

Fans began to find flyers for Belshezzar's Feast at the Download Pilot fest. The flyers included, among others, the dates of July 15 and the Roman Numerals IMXVII. This latter is not a valid Roman Numeral and could be used to signify the following:Iron Maiden17 (this is their seventeenth album). Oh, andIron MaidenBruce Dickinson, a vocalist, wore a "Belshezzar's Feast” shirt during a recent BBC interview.

There was also the mysterious Twitter account @bels_feast, which joined in June 2021. This account is "trying to find the bottom of it" and is retweeting other instances of the same poster.

However, Belshezzar’s Feast. July 15. Get ready. We were here yesterday.Some pretty wild footage was postedOfIron MaidenIn the late 80s, I was a member of a small Brooklyn club. This can keep you going for the moment.

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