It matters. Parcoursup: The first answers will fall on Thursday

You will need patience.

It matters. Parcoursup: The first answers will fall on Thursday

You will need patience. Future graduates and reorientation students who have registered on Parcoursup (the platform for accessing higher education) will soon know the sauce they will be eating. They will be able read their first wishes starting at 7 p.m. on Thursday.

There were 936,000 applicants this year who made wishes on the platform, compared to 931,000 last. There are 622,000 high school students, 186,000 college students who wish to reorient themselves and 95,000 people returning to their studies. 33,000 foreign candidates have also expressed interest.

This Thursday, not everyone will know what training they will be taking next school year. There are many options for each wish: be accepted ("yes") or accepted under conditions ("yes, if" for university courses that require student to take pedagogical or personalized assistance), be on the wait list, or refused (for select streams).

Parcoursup is not able to decide everything on Thursday. The deadline for responses from formations is July 15. The platform is updated daily and candidates can get a new proposal for training.

Parcoursup is now suffering again from the Covid after two years of disruption where the majority of the baccalaureate was conducted under continuous control. This context made it sometimes difficult to choose between candidates due to the lack of baccalaureate marks.

The 2022 session saw the first ever written specialty tests. These tests were a result of reforming the baccalaureate, and must appear on Parcoursup. They were delayed from March to May because of the pandemic and could not be included in student files. The files instead indicate the averages for specialties during the three terms Premiere and the two preceding Terminale.

According to Ministry of Higher Education figures, around 90,000 candidates did not submit a proposal in the final phase of 2021. 591 had no assignment at the close of the complementary phase that lasts until September.

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