"It's rabbit": Carmen Geiss defends her coat

It's really no surprise that Carmen Geiss likes to indulge in luxury.

"It's rabbit": Carmen Geiss defends her coat

It's really no surprise that Carmen Geiss likes to indulge in luxury. But does that mean she has to wear a fur coat? The reality TV millionaire is now defending herself against criticism of her choice of clothes.

After heavy criticism because of a photo with a fur coat, reality TV star Carmen Geiss defends the outfit. "It's rabbits," the 57-year-old defends the garment. "It's not an ocelot, it's not a sable." She generally only wears things from animals that you can eat. "The coat is actually 10 or 12 years old. That's why I don't just throw the coat away."

Geiss wore the coat in London when the new season of the docu-soap "The Geissens – A Terribly Glamorous Family" was filmed. This starts on January 2nd on RTLzwei. On Instagram there was criticism for the photo that she shows at her husband Robert's side: "Sorry, fur doesn't work at all, think of the animals!" It said there in a comment.

Over Christmas, the family withdraws from the hustle and bustle - to a holiday home in the French mountains, "without a camera", as parents Robert and Carmen Geiss and their daughters Shania and Davina unanimously emphasize. "It's the time when we are among ourselves," emphasizes 18-year-old Shania.

The fans don't have to do without their favorites entirely. "We make videos and put them on the Internet," promises Carmen Geiss. And the food is hearty. "Our children love our kitchen," she says, while her husband reveals the menu: "There's chicken for Christmas Eve. But we also cook roast pork or boiled fillet." Then there will be a "really classic" celebration with presents.

In addition, everyone wanted to play and have fun together, the family said. And maybe hit the slopes. Will father Robert also ski? "No, snow shovels," jokes Robert Geiss. There is probably a lot of work waiting for him, since it has already snowed a lot in the region where the holiday home is located. "I even have a quad for it with a caterpillar and all the trimmings, that's a relatively large property," explains the entrepreneur, who also works in the fashion industry, among other things.

There are new insights into the luxury life of the millionaire family from January 2nd in the 21st season of their documentary series "The Geissens - A Terribly Glamorous Family". Start is at 8:15 p.m. on RTLzwei.

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