Italy Four dead and 200 evacuated by a fire in a hospital in Rome

Four people have died in the fire that broke out last night, around 10:30 p

Italy Four dead and 200 evacuated by a fire in a hospital in Rome

Four people have died in the fire that broke out last night, around 10:30 p.m., at the San Giovanni Evangelista hospital in Tivoli, on the outskirts of Rome.

These are four elderly people, two men and two women. The first victim was discovered in the cardiology room during the intervention of the firefighters, while others were in other rooms of the hospital. There are also two injured people in serious condition and more than 200 patients, including some children, have been evacuated. The prosecutor's office has opened an investigation and an autopsy will be performed on the victims' bodies to determine the causes of death.

The cause of the fire, which was not extinguished until late in the morning, has not yet been determined. The more than 200 evacuated patients, including seven children, were transferred out of the building: the most serious ones were immediately transferred to other hospitals, the less serious ones were temporarily housed in the Maramotti municipal gymnasium, waiting to be admitted to other centers. sanitary. In addition to being severely damaged, the building was filled with smoke. Numerous teams of firefighters, police and carabinieri attended the scene.

The fire, according to sources from the rescue services, started in the outpatient clinics. These rooms are located on the -3 floor of the hospital and from there the flames would have reached the emergency room and the intensive care unit. Other rooms would not have been affected, but the very dense smoke invaded the entire hospital, making it necessary to evacuate the entire center, which now runs the risk of being closed for a long period of time, both to clean the facilities as because power lines and service facilities are seriously damaged.

The Tivoli city council, in a press release, took stock of the transferred patients and the help: "Patients admitted to intensive care have been transferred to other wards," it explained. "The non-serious patients have been transferred first to the hospital wing that is still accessible, and then to the adjacent Maramotti municipal gym, which has heating and has been equipped by the municipal civil protection teams with blankets, pillows and cots. The gym municipal Maramotti is used as a "transit" place for patients who will wait here to be transferred by ambulance to other hospital centers," they assert.

"We want clarity about the causes of our mother's death. They told us that she died when the fire broke out, but not because of the smoke. She was 84 years old and had a lung problem; she was admitted to the third floor three days ago. "Now her body is in the hospital chapel because it was not possible to take her to the funeral home." This is how the relatives of Giuseppina Virginia Facca, one of the victims of the fire, speak.

"They have told us that our mother did not die because of the fire, although the death occurred at the same time. We want the truth, we found out about her death from a local news program," Olga Ilari, one of the daughters, vented in front of the hospital, waiting to see his mother's body.