Italy The admission of Pope Francis was not planned: he began to feel bad in the morning and they convinced him to go to the hospital

Pope Francis began to feel bad after the general audience this Wednesday

Italy The admission of Pope Francis was not planned: he began to feel bad in the morning and they convinced him to go to the hospital

Pope Francis began to feel bad after the general audience this Wednesday. He felt a "tight" sensation in his chest and difficulty breathing. He was transferred to the Gemelli hospital convinced by his nurse and the medical report speaks of a "respiratory infection", so doubts have now been raised about whether the Pontiff will be able to celebrate the usual religious rites of Holy Week in Rome. For the moment, a Vatican source has reported this morning that the Pontiff has spent "a good night", according to AFP.

At first, the Holy See spoke of "pre-scheduled controls." However, last night, a second statement specified that Bergoglio "in recent days has complained of some respiratory difficulties" and medical controls have "revealed a respiratory infection - excluding Covid 19 infection - which will require a few days of hospitalization." The spokesman, Matteo Bruni, added: "Pope Francis is moved by the many messages received and expresses his gratitude for the closeness and prayer."

Despite the official version, sources inside Gemelli and the Vatican tell 'Corriere' that the situation in the morning was more complicated than it seems. As every Wednesday, Francisco held his general audience in Saint Peter's Square, the catechism and greeting the faithful, everything as always, but he could be seen more tired than usual, with a serious face and hands a little swollen.

Back in Santa Marta, the Pope was not feeling well. From the polyclinic they talk about heart problems, as well as respiratory problems. They say that he felt a sensation of oppression, chest pains and difficulty breathing. Nothing "worrying", they say, but that's when they thought it was a good idea to go directly to the Gemelli to make sure. For this reason, the Pope was transferred there by ambulance to carry out the necessary controls. He had to cancel an appointment to record an interview scheduled for the RAI program 'In his image'.

Apparently, Francis was not convinced to stay in the hospital, but his trusted nurse, Massimiliano Strappetti, 54, who was named "personal health assistant" to the pope last year, told him it was for the best. It was the Pontiff himself who recounted how that nurse had previously "saved his life", in July 2021, when Bergoglio was admitted to the Gemelli Hospital for the first time: "He told me: 'You have to have surgery.' And this despite the contrary opinion of those who suggested that it would be enough to take an antibiotic.

Francisco was hospitalized on July 4, 2021 for 11 days and underwent surgery, the removal of part of the colon due to a diverticular stenosis. But then it was different, the Holy See immediately spoke of hospitalization and a "scheduled" operation.

The Pope is now hospitalized in a room on the tenth floor of the Gemelli, the so-called 'pope's floor' that he was housed in two years ago and is the same one that John Paul II also occupied on several occasions.

Gemelli sources explain that all the necessary tests have already been carried out and that everything is under control. In particular, the chest CT scan gave a negative result. His blood oxygen level is still being checked and there is a blood gas analysis machine in the room. In addition, there has been talk of the possibility of performing a coronary angiography.

From Gemelli they assure that from the cardiac point of view the situation does not cause "special concern". Last night Francisco was feeling better, they describe him as serene. Already yesterday afternoon, the Pope's staff and security men were notified that they would spend the night at the Gemelli.

All hearings for today and tomorrow have been cancelled. And it is that the reality is that no hospitalization was planned on the eve of Palm Sunday and the celebrations of Holy Week, the most important moment of the year.

Since the hospitalization will last "some days", the Pope's celebrations at Easter are in doubt. The Vatican limits itself to saying that "space has been made in its agenda so that the controls can continue for the necessary time."

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