Jenny Cudd is accused of breaking down Speaker Pelosi's doorway

A court has granted accused Capitol rioter Jenny Cudd permission to travel to Mexico later this month to get a preplanned"weekend getaway" with her employees.

Jenny Cudd is accused of breaking down Speaker Pelosi's doorway

Cudd was charged with entering a limited construction and disorderly conduct a month after she was supposedly part of a team that broke down House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's door during the Capitol riot on Jan. 6.

A requirement for Cudd's release from prison last month was "traveling outside continental U.S. must be accepted by the court."

On Monday, her attorneys asked the court to permit her to go to Riviera Maya in Mexico from February 18-21 for a preplanned trip with all the employees of a flower store she possesses.

"Prior to the alleged offense at issue, Ms. Cudd planned and prepaid for a weekend escape with her employees," reads the motion that her attorneys filed. "This really is a work-related bonding escape for employees and their spouses."

The court noted Friday that Cudd's Pretrial Services Officer and the prosecutors did not oppose the request.

"The Court also notes that the Defendant has no criminal background and there is no evidence before the Court suggesting the Defendant is a flight risk or poses a threat to others," the court's order reads.

Cudd shared a now-deleted movie on Facebook where she awakened about being part of the band that broke Pelosi's doorway.

"We did break downm... Nancy Pelosi's office door, and someone stole her gavel, and shot a picture sitting at the seat flipping the camera off," she said from the movie.

Cudd told the Associated Press after she was arrested that she did not go into Pelosi's office herself and didn't do anything violent.

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