Jubillar case. Cedric Jubillar remains in prison

Cedric Jubillar is the pre-trial detainee suspected of murdering his wife Delphine in Cagnac-les Mines (Tarn), in December 2020.

Jubillar case. Cedric Jubillar remains in prison

Cedric Jubillar is the pre-trial detainee suspected of murdering his wife Delphine in Cagnac-les Mines (Tarn), in December 2020. He will be held in prison for almost a full year. The warrant for committal of one year issued on June 18, 2021 was expired. Cedric Jubillar, the thirties suspect in the murder of his wife Delphine, was released by the Toulouse judge of freedoms (JLD). His lawyers announced that they would call.

"We are dealing with a Cedric Jubillar, who is crushed and ruled by a judicial device, a judicial system which incarcerates first then thinks," said Me Emmanuelle Franck, his lawyer.

The presumption that innocence and pre-trial confinement are major problems in French justice. Cedric Jubillar completes the group of people who are subject to this pre-trial imprisonment. It is only then that we can see the damage," added Me Alexandre Martin, another of his lawyers.

Toulouse judge in his presence heard the painter-plasterer last Thursday. His release from prison was opposed by the public prosecutor as well as civil parties, but his counsel once again condemned an attack on the presumption that he is innocent.

Alexandre Martin, Cedric Jubillar’s lawyer, said at the end of hearing, "We pleaded long, before an extremely attentive magistrate." "We are at an essential stage in terms procedure where the law requires justice after a year", explained Alexandre Martin, one of Cedric Jubillar's lawyers.

Tarnais lawyers were thrilled to have been able to face "a conscientious magistrate" after they had become irritated by several hearings that followed their requests for release. Martin said, "He is a judge that has a fresh look at this case. He listened, took notes throughout these long hours of pleading and decided to reflect on his decision and render it next Monday."

As is customary in such cases, the hearing was closed to the public. The case arose in December 15, 2020 when Delphine, a night nurse at Albi's clinic, vanished from the Cagnac-les Mines house where she and her husband lived with their children. After a year and half of investigation, Cedric Jubillar was the main suspect. The defense was more optimistic that usual.

"The prosecution's arguments remain the same, they haven't changed, and they have crumbled somewhat since the press conference of June 18, 20,21", Me Jean-Baptiste Alary had stated, who is also a lawyer for Cedric Jbillar.

His counsel had once again declared his innocence, underscoring an aspect that, according to them "clears" him completely. Me Martin stated that "we know that Delphine was manipulated at the time Cedric Jubillar has with the gendarmes". He was referring to the activation on the victim's cell phone at 6:52 AM the night of his disappearance. Me Martin was slapped with the statement "Detention is an exception, freedom is the principle, and the presumption that innocence is the principle"

All evidence suggests that he committed the unreparable act that night.

The investigators do not have sufficient evidence to support the 30-something's continued imprisonment, despite the lack of overwhelming evidence, confessions or crime scene evidence. Mourad Battikh is the lawyer representing several parents of the nurse. Cedric Jubillar cannot be released. It would cause a serious disturbance in the public order concerning the safety and well-being of my clients. They would not be happy to know they were free. The serious and consistent indications that have been building for the past year and a quarter point in favor of continued detention, Mr. Battikh said to AFP.

The civil party lawyer had gathered the evidence against Delphine Jubillar. We have evidence that there was an argument at the house on the day of the disappearance. Delphine's glasses were broken into four pieces and neighbors heard terror. He had just learned that Delphine was about to start a new chapter in her life with another man. All evidence suggests that he committed the "irremediable" that night.

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