Kamala Harris has gone 19 days with No news conference since being Exploited for Boundary Catastrophe role

Kamala Harris has gone 19 days with No news conference since being Exploited for Boundary Catastrophe role

More media outlets Seem to Be taking note of the president's silence about her border-related responsibilities

Vice President Kamala Harris' comparative silence concerning the topics of immigration and border safety -- because shooting on an oversight function on those problems -- continued to attract media scrutiny Sunday.

This was the 19th day she travelled without holding a news conference about her responsibilities on the topics, since getting the mission out of President Biden.

Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan contended on Sunday the reason the media isn't permitted to see migrant facilities is since the Biden government does not"need the American people to understand what is happening."

The NBC story contended that the White House helped produce confusion by not understanding what Harris' particular duties are seeing the migrant catastrophe.

"The Northern Triangle, which I am certain you are aware of, isn't the same as the boundary," Psaki stated Wednesday, based on NBC.

The identical article then said the unnamed White House aides were asserting Harris was concentrated on exploring migration issues and holding discussions with Latin American officials at behind-the-scenes work, instead of addressing the matter publicly.

Another unnamed official quoted from the NBC story insisted the subject of immigration stayed"a priority for her."

Jordan made the remark on"Sunday Morning Futures" through a private interview with host Maria Bartiromo after a recent visit to the U.S. southern boundary where he staged a migrant centre in Donna, Texas.

"When the media were permitted in, the Border Patrol agents could tell them precisely what they told us, specifically the main reason behind this is due to the coverage that Joe Biden has adopted, which is we are not going to maintain folks in Mexico, the coverage which President Trump had," the Ohio congressman added.

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