Keep Yourself and Your Family Protected with Religare's Health Insurance Plans

Changing times call for change in lifestyles, and in the process of catching up with the multitude of things thrown at us

Keep Yourself and Your Family Protected with Religare's Health Insurance Plans

Changing times call for change in lifestyles, and in the process of catching up with the multitude of things thrown at us, we often forget how it impacts our health. The current generation of people is exposed to increasing pollution, water contamination, high levels of stress, bad eating habits, and little to no exercise.

While all these may be taken care of with prevention techniques, they are easier said than done. Making sure that your family is healthy comes first but planning for it financially becomes very difficult without insurance. Healthcare is readily available but comes with a hefty price tag that can make you shell out your savings if not planned for in advance. If you’re somebody who has an existing health insurance policy or wants to get a new health insurance policy for family, read ahead to find out about Religare’s health insurance plans.

What is a Family Floater Insurance Plan?

A family floater insurance plan comes with a large cover meant to service the whole family instead of just one individual. Picking a family floater insurance plan mostly depends on the size of your family, their ages, medical history, and likeliness of major illnesses. The maximum number of people a family floater plan covers is 7 people which can include spouse, parents, children, and siblings, depending on your policy type.

Why is Family Health Insurance Better Than Individual Health Insurance?

Different policies suit different families, and this assessment has to be made by you. Family health insurance is like an umbrella to cover multiple people of the family under one policy. What’s great is that you don’t have the hassle of handling multiple policies for different members of the family. And getting a single insurance plan for the entire family is a lot more economical as well. Premium paid for a family of 4 worth Rs. 4 or 5 lakhs might add up to getting a cover of more than Rs. 10 lakhs for the whole family.

Individual plans suit older people better than family floater plans if they are more prone to visiting the doctor for multiple ailments. If your parent needs immediate attention, there is a possibility that this might exhaust your family insurance cover amount in just one or two claims. This will leave the other members of your family uncovered from medical expenses for the rest of the year.

Also, individual health insurances are extremely comprehensive for senior citizens. Consider taking an individual or parent health insurance plan for them and a family floater plan for your spouse and kids. It is suggested that you perform ample research before deciding on what insurance plans would better suit your family.

Benefits of choosing Religare Family Insurance Plans

Religare’s Care 3,4,5,6,7 are comprehensive family insurance plans that have amazing benefits and have been ranked as one of the best health insurance plans. The sum insured for these plans start from Rs. 4 lakhs and can go up to Rs. 6 crores.

30-day Pre-Hospitalization Coverage: All the expenses that are incurred before someone is admitted to the hospital are taken care of by the policy. Religare also has an ambulance cover in case of an emergency. If you or someone in your family needs to be hospitalised at the earliest, Religare Health insurance will provide you with full support.

ICU and Room Charges: In case you’re staying in a single room, Religare reimburses the expenses for this. If the doctor advises that you need an upgrade with the treatment, we can help you with that as well. Religare also bears ICU charges.

60-day Post-Hospitalisation Coverage: This ensures that even when you are out of the hospital and recuperating, you will receive every kind of assistance that you need. Until you have completely recovered, you can rest assured that you will be taken care of in the best possible way. Religare reimburses you on expenses for doctor consultations, diagnostic tests, etc. that may go on for 60 days after you are back from the hospital.

Domiciliary hospitalisation: Religare ensures that even when you are treated at home, the expenses are covered by the policy. If the treatment takes more than 3 days, the costs are covered.

Global Coverage: You can take treatment from world class chain of hospitals and get yourself the best healthcare with the help of your insurance policy. Religare covers you for your expenses for medical treatment outside India. (All countries except the USA)

Second Opinion: The policy also covers expenses incurred while getting second opinions. So now you can give yourself the confidence of having nothing but the best healthcare providers backing you up without worrying about the costs.

Organ Donor Cover: Finding a donor and managing the expenses for the same can be a daunting task, but now you can afford it with Religare’s insurance policy.

Health Check-up: Religare also provides annual health checkup for all the members covered under the policy. Any hidden health problems can be detected and treated before it starts to cause a problem.

Policy Renewal: Provided you renew your policy every year on time, Religare provides you with lifelong renewability.

Each plan has different covers and exclusions. Make sure to go through all the terms and perks of Religare Health insurance plans before you pick a plan for your family.

Date Of Update: 25 November 2019, 09:59

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