Knoxville sees next night of Demonstration over Anthony Thompson Jr. shooting Passing:'Enough is enough'

Knoxville sees next night of Demonstration over Anthony Thompson Jr. shooting Passing:'Enough is enough'

On Thursday, requires police officers to face charges in the shooting appeared louder than through the prior day's protest, a report stated

Knoxville, Tennessee, watched another night of protesting Thursday in response to the current shooting passing by authorities of high school pupil Anthony Thompson Jr..

The movie revealed Thompson, 17, had been carrying a gun after he was captured at a school bathroom, the Knoxville News Sentinel reported.

On Thursday, calls for police reforms and also for its Knoxville police officers involved in the shooting to confront charges appeared louder than through the last day's protest,'' the report stated.

Thompson was the first time pupil of Austin-East Magnet High School to die by gunfire at 2021, '' the report stated.

Protesters claimed that the movie revealed a murder, not even a police officer acting in self love.

Many police officers watched Thursday's protest against the roof of this town's police officer, the News Sentinel reported.

It was not clear if there wasn't any vandalism, violence or arrests.

Four officers had reacted to the faculty following a domestic abuse call in the woman's mother. The officers moved into a restroom in which they thought Thompson was, allegedly unaware that Thompson had been armed forces.

According to police, the movie reveals officers finding and attempting to handcuff Thompson. 1 officer catches Thompson's right armbut Thompson's left arm is at his sweatshirt pocket in which the movie reveals he's holding a handgun. Thompson's weapon subsequently goes away, hitting a garbage can but maybe not any of those officers.

The shot appears to confound the officers into believing their lives are at risk.

Officer Jonathon Clabough could be observed drawing his weapon and shooting Thompson at a shoulder. Clabough fires his weapon as Thompson drops into the ground with all the officers surrounding him.

The officers didn't realize Thompson was taken about two minutes afterwards, after handcuffing him, turning him over and watching blood.

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