Kristof, ex-NYT columnist, announces he will run for Oregon governor

Nicholas Kristof, a former columnist for the New York Times, announced Wednesday that he will run for governor of Oregon. He was born on a cherry and sheep farm in Oregon.

Kristof, ex-NYT columnist, announces he will run for Oregon governor

Kristof, who quit the newspaper earlier in the month, frequently wrote about the economic and sociological problems of the people he grew-up with in Oregon, as the region's timber and manufacturing economies collapsed.

The newcomer to politics will run for office as a Democrat.

Kristof, 62 said that it was difficult to leave a job that I loved. Kristof also stated on Facebook that she felt she could make a difference in education, homelessness and other issues.

The Democratic field is crowded, with Tina Kotek, Oregon House Speaker, and Tobias Read, state Treasurer, both among the candidates for the gubernatorial race in 2022.

Kristoff was born in Yamhill (Oregon), a small town of approximately 1,200 residents located about 40-miles (64 km) southwest of Portland. He went on to become a foreign correspondent, columnist, and editor.

A dozen Republican candidates also indicated that they would run.

Oregon Democrats have a majority in the Legislature, and the party holds the governor's post since 1987.

Incumbent Gov. Due to term limits, Kate Brown, a Democrat cannot run for reelection.

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