LA police video: Officer shoots bystander and kills

LOS ANGELES, CA (AP) -- Monday's video shows Los Angeles police shooting at a suspect in an assault on customers at a clothing shop last week. The shooting also claimed the life of a 14-year old girl who was hiding in a dressing area when she was hit by a bullet through a wall.

LA police video: Officer shoots bystander and kills

Los Angeles Police Department uploaded an edited video package online. It included 911 calls, radio transmissions and body camera footage. The video also includes surveillance video from Thursday's shooting at a Burlington shop crammed with holiday shoppers. The policy of the department is to release video footage from critical incidents such as shootings by police within 45 days.

Surveillance video captured the suspect attacking two women. One of them fell to the ground, and the other was dragged by his feet through the aisles while she tried to crawl off.

Numerous people, including employees of the store, called police to report that a man struck customers at the North Hollywood store in the San Fernando Valley. One caller informed 911 dispatchers that the man was carrying a gun. The bike lock and no firearm were found at the scene.

Early surveillance footage showed a man wearing a tank top and shorts, carrying a bike up the store's escalator, to the second floor. He wandered around the store, seemingly confused, clutching a cable-style bicycle lock. He would sometimes stand motionless and stare into the distance.

Later footage showed the man attacking a woman on the down escalator. The woman managed to escape his grasp and ran out of the store.

According to police, the man left the shop for about a minute and half. According to video, the man returned and beat a woman repeatedly with a bike lock, while she hid on the ground. He dragged her down the aisle towards the dressing rooms as she tried to flee.

The suspect was seen being approached by armed officers in bodycam video. The suspect was standing on the opposite side of the aisle, while the victim was visible on the bloody floor. One officer opened fire on the victim, striking him.

Daniel Elena Lopez, a suspect aged 24, was killed on the spot. Valentina Orellana Peralta, 14, was also killed. She was hiding in a dressing room with her mother.

Police Capt. Stacy Spell stated in the video. According to police, the bullet struck the dressing-room wall after it veered off the ground.

Spell stated that the investigation is still in its infancy and could take as long as a year to complete. California Department of Justice is also conducting an investigation.

"We, the LAPD, would like to offer our deepest condolences for the loss of Valentina Orellana Peralta. Spell stated in the video that there are no words to express the grief we feel over this tragic outcome.

On Tuesday, the girl's parents and civil rights lawyer Ben Crump will appear at a news conference held outside Los Angeles police headquarters.

According to the Los Angeles Times, 38 LAPD officers shot people in the head -- 18 of which were fatally -- since 2021.

These figures show a dramatic increase in the number of cases in which officers killed or shot people over the past two years -- 27 people were killed and 7 more were killed by LA Police in 2020. Officers shot 26 people in 2019, killing 12.

As a tribute to Orellana Peralta, mourners left flowers and a candle outside the store's Christmas window.

According to The Times, Elena Lopez has a criminal record that includes convictions for car theft and public carrying of loaded guns. Because of an LAPD investigation, he was transferred to Los Angeles County jail. However, a spokeswoman from the corrections department refused to release his commitment history.

The assault on the woman resulted in moderate to severe injuries to her head, arms, and face. The victim has not been identified publicly.

This shooting recalls a confrontation that took place July 21, 2018, in which LAPD officers shot and killed a woman at a Trader Joe's Market. The officers engaged in a gunfight and shot their grandmother and his girlfriend, according to authorities. Police then pursued him outside the market.

Melyda Corado (27), assistant store manager was shot and killed by police as she ran towards the store's entrance, after hearing about the car accident.

Authorities said that Gene Evin Atkins, the suspect, held employees and shoppers captive for three hours before finally surrendering to authorities.

Atkins pleaded not guilty for the murder.

Prosecutors determined that two officers of the police returned Atkins' gunfire and acted in good faith.

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