Laguna Beach Fire Live Updates - Fire Reaches 145 Acres; Mandatory Evacuations Remain

On Thursday morning, a brush fire broke out at Laguna Beach's Emerald Bay.

Laguna Beach Fire Live Updates - Fire Reaches 145 Acres; Mandatory Evacuations Remain

Fire reaches 145 acres

Officials from the Fire Department are reporting that the Emerald Fire now covers 145 acres.

According to the Orange County Fire Authority, 75 units have been activated to fight the flames. However, no homes were damaged.

Mandatory evacuation orders are still in effect.

How to view the news briefing

At 9:30 AM, the Orange County Fire Authority will give an update on the large fires.

Fire Chief warns about year-round fire season

Chief of Orange County Fire Authority Brian Fennessy warns that South California can expect a year-round fire season.

Fennessy stated that the Emerald Fire area no longer has a fire season during a press conference.

He said, "We have a great fire year."

Fennessy stated that the Emerald Fire arrived in the middle of winter, when it should have been rainy. The area is experiencing record-high temperatures, dry winds and record-setting rainfall.

This week, Orange and Los Angeles Counties were under a heat advisory due to temperatures reaching into the 80s.

Due to Santa Ana winds that brought hot, dry and windy conditions to the region, wind advisories were also issued.

Fire Chief is confident that the fire is under control

Brian Fennessy, Orange County Fire Authority, is positive that fire officials will be able to handle the Emerald fire.

Fennessy stated that he is confident that the fire has been put out.

Fennessy said that the fire was "looking pretty good" as far as spreading. Although the flames have slowed down, strong winds will keep them going. He stated that the fire was moving towards Newport Beach.

Fennessy stated that the majority of the fire is not near structures, but burns alongside or adjacent homes. To control the flames, there are approximately 25 fire engines, eight strike groups and water-dropping helicopters. For a fire retardant drop, two tankers will be brought in.

Part of PCH closed, evacuations ordered

Laguna Beach, California: A brush fire caused by wind has forced evacuations and closed part of the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), Thursday morning.

Emerald Bay firefighters reported the fire just after 4:20 a.m. on Thursday morning. As of Thursday morning, the fire had burned approximately seven to ten acres. There have been no homes damaged.

Crews battle the flames amid strong winds, unusually high temperatures and strong winds.

Mandatory evacuation orders were issued for Irvine Cove and North and South Emerald Bays, Crystal Cove State Park, and El Morro Elementary School.

All of North Laguna has been issued an evacuation warning for residents north of Broadway.

Laguna Beach asks all evacuees that they head South on PCH in order to evacuate the area.

KCBS reports that PCH is closed between El Morro Bay and Ledroit Street.

Click the link below to view the most recent evacuation orders from Laguna Beach

  • Laguna Beach Police issued an immediate evacuation order to Emerald Bay and Irvine Cove following the Santa Ana winds that started the fire at 4:30 AM.
  • A current evacuation warning is in effect for all of North Laguna Beach.
  • The Pacific Coast Highway is now closed in both directions. Classes in Laguna Beach Unified School District classes have been cancelled.

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