Las Vegas off-duty police officer is accused of robbing casino at gunpoint

Officials say Caleb Rogers (33), was arrested Sunday on two counts of robbery using a deadly weapon.

Las Vegas off-duty police officer is accused of robbing casino at gunpoint

Police say that a Las Vegas off-duty officer robbed a casino early Sunday.

Caleb Rogers (33), a member the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department from 2015 to 2016, is charged with burglary and assault with a fatal weapon as well as two counts of robbery using a deadly instrument, according a statement from his agency.

Police stated that they were sent to the 4100 block South Valley View Boulevard shortly before 7 AM. Police were not able to identify the security guard at the casino. They said they had taken a suspect into custody.

Police said that responding officers had contacted security to identify the suspect as Caleb Rogers, an off-duty LVMPD officer.

Rogers is currently assigned to the Bolden Area Command Community Police Division. The department stated that Rogers will be placed on "suspension of police powers without pay" pending the outcome the internal and criminal investigations.

Rogers appeared in court on Monday. He was placed on $250,000 bail, with high-level supervision and a mandate that he not have any weapons if he posts bail.

Rogers may not have retained an attorney, it was unclear. According to online jail records, Rogers was still at the Clark County Detention Center Monday afternoon.

Unfortunately, his relatives were not able to reach him immediately.

Christopher Laurent, the prosecutor, stated that Rogers was also a suspect in two other armed burglaries in the region. These include recent robberies at Red Rock Resort, and Aliante Hotel. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

Laurent stated that they have the same MOs and added "it seems to be one person." Metro is currently investigating. Metro is currently investigating.

When asked whether Rogers was a suspect in other casino robberies, a representative from the district attorney's offices deferred to Las Vegas Police. When asked the same question, a spokesperson for Las Vegas police refused to answer. Instead, he pointed to Sunday's statement by the department.

Police have stated that additional charges could be brought against you.

Steve Grammas, president, Las Vegas Police Protective Association said that Rogers' arrest was not an indication of the department.

The statement stated that "While everyone has the presumption to innocence until proven guilty", and that the LVPPA was more disgusted by the actions taken by one rogue officer.

This is not indicative the outstanding work and character that LVMPD's men and women do every day. ... We hope that these charges will be proven true and that the criminal justice system holds the accused accountable.

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