Legislative 2022. A government of national unity, but compromises: What to take away from Macron's speech

Emmanuel Macron broke the silence.

Legislative 2022. A government of national unity, but compromises: What to take away from Macron's speech

Emmanuel Macron broke the silence. This Wednesday, the Head of State spoke at 8 p.m. for the first time since the second round legislative elections that deprived his camp's absolute majority and caused a political crisis. Here are some key points from his speech.

The President of the Republic acknowledged "the fractures" revealed by the June ballot at the beginning of his speech. He said, "They represent our concerns."

Emmanuel Macron believed it was necessary to act in the "interest of the French" and "learn how to govern and legislate different". It must be agreements and taking the time to reach them. He assured that he heard the need for change and would support it. Therefore, he only has a relative majority at the National Assembly.

Emmanuel Macron spoke at end of day, when he had wrapped up his round with political forces in an effort to find alliances and a way to get out. In the morning, he received Julien Bayou (the deputy LFI Adrien Qatennens, and Edouard Philippe (head of Horizons), the national secretary for Europe Ecology-The Greens. He was also presented with Olivier Faure (PS), Francois Bayrou, Marine Le Pen (RN), Christian Jacob (LR), Olivier Faure(PS) and Christian Jacob (LR).

The Head of State, however, stated that a government for national unity was not justified at this time. He stated that "most of the leaders I've met rule out the possibility" of a government for national unity.

Emmanuel Macron called for a National Assembly majority that is "clearer, stronger and more willing to act". He said, "We will need to build compromises and enrichments, but do it in total transparency, in open air, if I may so, in a desire to unite and take action for the nation (...) To all political groups, say in full transparency what they are willing to go."

The President of the Republic also confirmed measures regarding "purchasing power", climate, health, and full employment this summer. He stated that "our country requires ambitious reforms." "All this progress cannot be funded by higher taxes or more fiscal or economic borrowing.

Emmanuel Macron spoke on Wednesday night before getting caught up in a number of international commitments including the European Council in Brussels, the G7 summits and NATO summits.

"Upon my return, we will start to build this new configuration and method, based on the first choices. I trust in the spirit and responsibility of everyone. My responsibility is to make your choices come to fruition. Only one compass would be for me, to ensure that we all move in the common interest. He concluded that together we will find the way to collective responsibility."

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