Legislative 2022. Emmanuel Macron addresses French people, the members of the Assembly elect their presidents... the recap this Wednesday

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Legislative 2022. Emmanuel Macron addresses French people, the members of the Assembly elect their presidents... the recap this Wednesday

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9:50 p.m . Emmanuel Macron's speech causes political parties to react

Adrien Quatennens is number two at LFI. He believes that Parliament is the beating heart and soul of democracy in this country. He is the blockage."

In a tweet, the new president of the LR Group in the Assembly Olivier Marleix said: "There is no other than the dialogue and respect mentioned the President. However, there cannot be a blank check on an undefined project. He said that the LR deputies would submit "next week's" proposals "on purchasing powers".

Senator LR Valerie Boyer invites Emmanuel Macron to "discover the existence of parliamentary democracy" and to show respect for the Fifth Republic. The French will always benefit from Parliament's opposition, debate, proposal, and voting.

Julien Bayou of LCI deemed the speech "fuzzy". He said that the President claimed he wanted to take action on climate change, but we don't believe him.

Eric Pauget (deputy LR) saw in the speech by the Head of State the "confessions and weakness of a president who was elected in default in April but realizes in June that he doesn't have the majority nor the confidence of France to govern".

9 p.m.: Responses from Jean-Luc Melenchon and Olivier Faure

Jean-Luc Melenchon (leader of the United Left) immediately reacted to Emmanuel Macron’s speech with skepticism: "It's useless to dissolve reality of the vote by flooding it with considerations, appeals, and all kinds." Former LFI presidential candidate said that the executive was weak, but the National Assembly is strong due to all the legitimacy it has received from its recent elections.

Jordan Bardella is president of the RN, lieutenant to Marine Le Pen. "This is the first time that Emmanuel Macron's arrogance has marked time: This change comes from his people, who have made him a minor president (. ..Our powerful group at the Assembly will be strong but constructive with the only compass of France's interest and that of the French. Nadine Morano believes that "Emmanuel Macron discovers institutions".

"His speech about the method aims at evading his responsibility and to modify nothing of his project", said the communist Fabien Russel. The socialist Olivier Faure responded: "No, the political forms do not have to answer him before they're ready to give him a blank check.

8:48 p.m . Francois Bayrou considers self-criticism hypocrisy.

Francois Bayrou, LCI, said that self-criticism is hypocrisy. But that's not the point. French leaders have sent a clear message to all: You must change how you govern. This is unacceptable. We are currently in a critical democratic crisis. It would be foolish to reduce the message. We need to change the relationship between citizens and governments. "I believe Emmanuel Macron understood the message well.

When asked about his desire to join the government, he replied that he was not looking for "benefits and places". They are mine, not mine.

Concerning his comments about Elisabeth Borne he denies calling her a "technocrat".

8 p.m.: Speech of Emmanuel Macron

This evening, the President of The Republic will speak. These are the highlights of the talk.

"On April 24, your confidence in me was renewed. Your deputies were elected on June 12th and 19th.

"I cannot ignore the strong abstention. Voting is vital, but not everyone feels it. It is difficult to ignore the deep divisions within our society.

"As in most Western democracies no one political force can make laws by itself. Expanding is the only way to go. We must learn to govern differently and act in your best interest. In dialogue and respect, we can build new compromises with this Assembly. This is exactly what you requested, and I have taken note.

"This does not have to mean immobility. It should be about making agreements through dialogue, respect, and requirement.

"I can hear the desire for change that this country has clearly demanded.

"Because it's my role as a guarantor for the institutions, I exchanged yesterday with all the leaders from the political parties that are capable of creating a group within the National Assembly. The majority of leaders I've met have rejected the idea of a government for national unity. This is not, to my knowledge, justified. In this crucial moment, it is possible to find a greater and more clear majority than we expected.

"As many of you know, I have believed in the necessity for political overcoming from day one. It is something I have been practicing and it has helped me to fulfill my aspirations to end political quarrells and to promote dialogue and compromise. I hope this excess in politics will be continued with clarity and responsibility.

Clarity does not mean losing the integrity of the project you selected in April. It is a project that stands for independence in France, our country, and Europe. We must be stronger. It is a project for social and environmental progress. Security and justice projects. It must be a financially sound and responsible project.

"This is why we will need to take emergency measures starting this summer to meet the country's needs and your daily life. A law to increase purchasing power, to make work more affordable, to make the first steps towards full employment, to make strong energy and climate choices, and to take emergency measures to protect your health. This progress cannot be funded by higher taxes or more economic or budgetary debt.

"Accountability: It will be necessary for compromises to be made, with full transparency.

"To move forward it is up the political groups to declare in full transparency how far and what they are willing to go.

"I trust everyone's sense of responsibility. You are my greatest asset. You made clear choices. It's my job to bring them to fruition.

"I will only have one compass. That we move at the rate that the general interest is our goal. We will all find the way to our collective success together.

7:30 p.m. : Yael Braun–Pivet majority candidate to the presidency of Assembly

The majority of deputies LREM and MoDem voted in the first round of voting for the candidates for President of the National Assembly. The following candidates presented themselves: Yael BraunPivet and Roland Lescure, Sophie Errante, Joel Giraud, Yael Bran-Pivet, Joel Giraud, Joel Giraud, Yael Bern-Pivet, Yael BraunPivet, Joel Giraud.

Yael Braun­Pivet, Overseas Minister, and Roland Lescure (outgoing chairman of Economic Affairs Committee at Palais Bourbon), came first in round one.

Yael Braun-Pivet was the winner with 105 votes from 192.

7:11 p.m . 7:11 p.m. - Candidates for the presidency of PS group: Garot, Guedj, and Vallaud

Boris Vallaud, Jerome Guedj, and Guillaume Garot are all candidates for the presidency in the socialist deputies. The election will be held on Thursday morning while Valerie Rabault remains at the head, according to a source from parliament.

First female president of a group within the Assembly under Fifth Republic. The elected official from Tarn-et-Garonne was less enthusiastic about Nupes at times.

On Thursday morning, more than 30 members will vote.

7:15 p.m. Eric Woerth withdrew his candidature for the presidency

The first session of the newly elected Assembly must see the President of the National Assembly elected by his peers. This is Tuesday, 28 June.

Five candidates were present within the majority: Eric Woerth, Joel Giraud and Yael BraunPivet. The latter left believing that the conditions were not met.

6:55 p.m . : "Many elected representatives believe that the RN lacks credibility and ability to govern."

Jean-Yves Camus is a political scientist who points out that both the right and the president still underestimate the ability of the National Rally's to exert itself. According to him, the results of the last election contradict them. Check out his interview.

5:24 p.m . Elisabeth Borne, Elysee Palace

On her way to the National Assembly, the Prime Minister - to join the majority of parliamentary groups - detoured to the Elysee. She then returned to the Assembly.

5:19 p.m . RN is the "most strengthened political party after the elections," according to a poll.

An Elabe poll by BFMTV found that Marine Le Pen and RN were the two political parties most strengthened following the election (54%), ahead Nupes (18%), and Together! (7%). Respondents believe that Emmanuel Macron should "negotiate as a priority with Nupes".

71% of respondents view the fact that parties supporting the President don't have an absolute majority "a good thing" for democracy and debate. This will force Emmanuel Macron into negotiations with other political forces.

4:22 p.m . Jean-Paul Mattei is elected president of MoDem group

Jean-Paul Mattei, 68, close to Francois Bayrou and based in his former constituency of Pyrenees-Atlantiques, was elected Wednesday boss of MoDem deputies, succeeding Patrick Mignola who failed Sunday in the second round of legislative elections.

He won with 36 votes to Nicolas Turquois's nine votes and two blank votes. The majority ally of LREM, Horizons and the centrist group has 48 members. A third of them are new elected.

4:18 p.m . Adrien Quatennens: "Parliament strong, executive weak"

Adrien Quatennens in front of the cameras: Today, Parliament is strong, but the executive is weak. I do not know his intentions. It is obvious that he doesn't have the majority necessary to implement his presidential program. What will he do? I don't know. He advised various political party representatives. He refused to resign as Prime Minister. The prince cannot govern the country. We need to get a vote from the National Assembly in Elisabeth Borne.

3:33 p.m . Emmanuel Macron will speak on 8 p.m.

The Elysee stated that the president would address the French at 8 p.m. It will be televised and broadcast by many channels.

This is his first public appearance since the second round in legislative elections.

After completing his tour of the political forces, the Head of State will address French citizens. He was looking for a difficult consensus within the National Assembly, before getting caught up in a series international commitments including the European Council, which begins Thursday in Brussels.

2 p.m.: Andre Chassaigne, a communist group, elected president

This Wednesday morning, the communist group was created. To form a National Assembly group (15, the 12 Communist Party members had to work together with six foreign deputies. This group was headed by Andre Chassaigne.

1:28 p.m . Edouard Philippe desires a "rapprochement” with the moderate left and the right

After his interview with Emmanuel Macron, the former Prime Minister reacts and gives his analysis. [...] This is a challenging exercise that our country isn't used to. This exercise can be called grand coalition or coalition. I'm very open to semantics.

Edouard Philippe, however, closes the door on discussions with La France insoumise or National Rally: "I don't believe that the relative majority intends to build a government deal with the far right and far left. This is not what I want. It seems that the Republican group, which I just drew, could be the largest numerical group on the spectrum. A discussion could then begin with the socialist and ecological groups.

1:26 p.m . Investigation opened into two rape allegations against Secretary of State Chrysoula Zigarou.

Two rape allegations have been filed against Chrysoula Zozaropoulou, Secretary for State for Development, Francophonie, and International Partnerships. The Paris prosecutor's office has opened an investigation. According to Marianne, the weekly Marianne revealed that the alleged acts were committed within the scope of his job as a gynecologist. On May 25, a first complaint was filed. A second complaint was filed on May 25 for facts alleged to have occurred in 2016.

12:20 p.m . Adrien Quatennens assures that "We aren't candidates for any arrangement, any program".

The rebellious deputy of the North, Adrien Quatennens, takes stock of the exchange with Emmanuel Macron at the end of their interview. Adrien Quatennens: "I began by saying that such an event could not be avoided for the government system." Yesterday Madame Borne, taking into consideration the circumstances, handed in her resignation. I find that quite normal. The president declined it. The Prime Minister will now have to submit to a confidence vote before Parliament. I asked the President if this would be true. I was unable to get an answer at this point.

Adrien Quatennens sweeps away the question of the government of national unification that Emmanuel Macron would consider, according to Fabien Roussel's words and Marine Le Pen's. He asserts that "we are not candidates to any arrangement, any scheme or any participation in a Government with the President" Participation in such a government would be completely inconsistent and unlikely.

12 p.m . Aurore Berge is elected head of the Renaissance deputies.

Aurore Berge said, "It's an honor to me, it's great emotion, great pride, and a great responsibility," as she made her way to the National Assembly. Although it is not an easy job, it is probably the most important and most crucial in this moment. I appeal to Republicans from both the right and left to vote for the things that can make a difference in people's lives. I have no voting instructions regarding the identity of President of the National Assembly. He will be elected today afternoon.

11:50 a.m . Francois Bayrou's comments are rebuked by Elisabeth Borne's entourage

France Inter today saw the mayor of Pau plead with Emmanuel Macron for a "political" rather than a "technical” Prime Minister. This label is also stamped by Elisabeth Borne. This is not new. Everyone knows that he opposed the appointment Elisabeth Borne". BFMTV scans his entourage. It is absurd to say that Elisabeth Borne would become a technician after she has been a minister for five years, and that she had carried out central and difficult reforms during her previous five-year term.

11:48 AM: Edouard Philippe meets Emmanuel Macron

Mathilde Panot and Adrien Quatennens were succeeded by the former Prime Minister, who arrived at the Elysee to lead the Horizons party.

11:40: Laurent Marcangeli is elected unanimously president of the Horizons Group

11:35 a.m . : In front of the Palais Bourbon, the Republican and UDI deputies arrive each turn

After the 89 elected members, it's now the turn of the 61 Republicans deputies and 3 UDI deputies before the National Assembly to make an entrance at the Palais Bourbon.

11:19 AM: Aurore Berge elected head of the Renaissance deputies

Out of 155 voters who cast their ballots, the deputy for Yvelines received 88 votes. Her opponents got between 11 and 20 votes.

11:16 AM: Olivier Marleix is elected head of LR deputies

51-year-old Eure-et-Loir Olivier Marleix was elected to the top of the Republican deputies. This result was 40 votes in favor of Julien Dive (the other candidate), and three abstentions.

Olivier Marleix is the son of Alain Marleix and has been Olivier Marleix's deputy since 2012. Since 2016, Olivier Marleix has been president of the Republicans in Eure-et-Loir. He was a representative of the conservative wing LR and had sponsored Laurent Wauquiez, then Michel Barnier, in the race to become the head of the party in 2017.

10:53 AM: Adrien Quatennens arrived on the Elysee

Julien Bayou (EELV) is over, now it's the turn of the deputy of the North to meet with the Head of State on behalf rebellious France. Emmanuel Macron must also meet Franck Riester or Edouard Philippe.

10:49 AM: Emmanuel Macron could address France tonight

RTL cites "several sources" that indicate the head of state could address the French on Wednesday evening after consulting the leaders and representatives from the parties.

10:40 a.m . : The Ibiza collective manifests upon the arrival of RN Deputies at Assembly

Activists of the Ibiza Collective unfurl a banner with the message "The problem it not the immigrants, but the 3degC" at the Assembly's arrival of the 89 National Rally deputies. Pauline Rapilly Ferniot is an environmental activist who was elected as the opposition mayor of Boulogne. She assures her that "we will always be there."

10:32 AM: Elisabeth Borne must "submit to a vote for confidence"

After his interview with Emmanuel Macron, the national secretary of EELV reacts and returns to what he told to the head of government. He asserts that "We are at end of Fifth Republic and Jupiterian practice. He recognizes it, but I don't know what it means." It must be put back together. The process involves a mixed commission, which is a system for citizens' convention for a new Republic and a Constituent Assembly. We need to re-parliamentarize. This begins with the fact the Prime Minister must present a general policy speech to the Assembly and then submit a vote.

Gerard Larcher, our Parisian colleague, reiterated Tuesday that the National Rally should assume the presidency of the finance Commission. Olivier Faure, a Twitter user, claims that "all the rights, LREM to LR in this month of June will mix their voices with those on the far right to grant RN the finance Commission. They open the way to a future victory of the RN by destroying the Republican front. Disgrace and defeat.

10:18 AM: Marine Le Pen arrives in the National Assembly to share her "emotion" with her "pride".

To find the other elected members of her party, the Pas-de-Calais MP arrived at the National Assembly. Marine Le Pen, who should be the chair of the RN group, comments, "It's emotion, pride that I feel. I think about those millions of French people who were deprived of fair representation at the National Assembly for sometimes decades. Who, this morning, feel represented."

10 a.m. Franck Riester, received at Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron met Franck Riester (current Minister for Foreign Trade and Attractiveness) during his consultations with representatives from political parties. "I spoke to the President about our desire to be more united in the majority and to bring people of goodwill together. We must find ways to do so.

9:50 am: RN Deputies arrive at the National Assembly

The National Rally's 89 elected members arrive at the Palais Bourbon drop-by-drop, and then visit it. This RN contingent is its largest ever.

9:35 AM: Fabien Russel reiterates his skepticism about the idea of a motion for censure

On Tuesday, Fabien Russel stated that he wasn't aligned to the motion of censure La France Insoumise would file on July 5. "I don't understand why there would be an motion of censure, when there must be confidence vote after the general policy speech", Fabien Roussel explained on Tuesday.

9:20 AM: Sebastien Chenu estimates that the RN would be returning with 200 deputies in the event dissolution.

The RN deputy from North sweeps aside the notion of a dissolution in front of the National Assembly, at the microphone of BFM TV. Sebastien Chenu assures that if there were dissolution, it would be back to 200. It would be rejected by the French. The National Rally had proposed a motion for censure. This one rejects it. He claims that only sectarians can'messy the National Assembly' and have already requested a motion for censure. La France insoumise, however, announced that his group would present this motion on the 5th of July.

9 a.m.: Emmanuel Macron receives Julien Bayou

The Head of State continues to consult with the leaders and representatives of the parties. Julien Bayou is the national secretary of EELV. He will be receiving him at 9 a.m. Emmanuel Macron will then talk with Franck Riester about the Insoumis Adrien Quintnnens and Mathilde Pasnot, then Edouard Philippe.

8:56 AM: Francois Bayrou believes that we must consider the nuances of the National Assembly when forming the new government.

To assure that "nuances within the National Assembly must not be overlooked", Pau's mayor invokes Charles de Gaulle’s Bayeux speech. Francois Bayrou, France Inter, continues: "Try and find personalities that can carry part the message of both the majority and sensibilities. Form a government and take on the subjects which are necessary."

8:50 a.m . Olivier Veran doesn't want to rely on the RN and the LFI

Olivier Veran, like Clement Beaune just a moment earlier, opposes allies of circumstance with National Rally in National Assembly. He also rejected the possibility of working with La France Insoumise. "We won't put ourselves in a situation to depend on the voices RN [...] and LFI," assures the Minister responsible for Relations with Parliament at BFM TV / RMC.

8:48 a.m . Francois Bayrou: "The times require that the Prime Minister/Prime Minister be politically"

At France Inter, the mayor of Pau, an ally to Emmanuel Macron, said that Elisabeth Borne was a technocrat and that he no longer considers herself a Prime Minister.

8:45 AM: Francois Bayrou promises that "we will ensure governments don't seek to impose our texts".

Francois Bayrou, France Inter's mayor, pleads with the government to allow "openings for discussion with political parties which are not in majority" so they can influence some of the texts. The mayor of Pau stated that "we are going to make sure that governments don't seek to impose our texts".

8:43 AM: Olivier Veran assures that "all the options are on hand" in regards to a possible government for national unity

The Minister in Charge of Relations with Parliament, Fabien Roussel, who was on the BFM TV / RMC set, did not dispute Fabien's assertion that Emmanuel Macron would be open to the idea of a government of national Unity. Olivier Veran says, "What's on the table? To identify a majority that can move forward, reform and transform this country." It means that there must be opposition participation in some way. All options are available. This could be a reorientation of our majority to the center right, or the center left. It can also be a wider enlargement or project-by-project.

8:33 AM: Sebastien Chenu ridicules the idea for a government national unity

The deputy from North comments on Fabien Russel's claim that Emmanuel Macron entrusted him to consider the formation of a government for national unity. Sebastien Chenu mocks Sebastien Chenu as he speaks at Sud Radio.

8:29 AM: Patrick Kanner is not closing to the idea for the motion of censure

The Insoumis announced on July 5 that they would present a motion for censure to force Elisabeth Borne's departure. Patrick Kanner, the boss of the socialist senators says that he is not against a common left-wing motion for censure. He said, at the microphone of Public Senate, "But on condition you first listen to Elisabeth Borne's general policy statement." "We can only submit a motion for censure after we have had this discussion.

8:28 AM: Clement Beaune assures that there cannot be an alliance of the National Rally

Clement Beaune disapproves of the idea to work with the National Rally in order to pass certain texts to Assembly. The Minister in charge for Europe screams, "There can't be an alliance with the National Rally, even under certain circumstances." He justifies, "It is with a basis of common values - I believe that there is not this with the RN.

8:22 a.m . Clement Beaune pleads to a "rally"

The Minister for Europe reaffirms the rumor that Emmanuel Macron may form a government of national unification. Clement Beaune, speaking at the microphone of Europe 1, says that "I believe it would be collectively irresponsible" to live in a country without a parliament voting anything. He states that national unity is the state where all people work together as though there were no political divisions. However, he doesn't believe in it.

8:19 AM: Patrick Kanner responds to the rumor of a government for national unity

At the microphone of Public Senate, the boss of the socialist senators voiced his opposition to the idea that Emmanuel Macron might consider a government of national unification. Patrick Kanner sneers, "We aren't the Red Cross." We are not here for the sake of being the saviors of presidents who have been sanctioned because they are vertical. Let the king be naked.

7:55 AM: Aurelien Pradie is not convinced that the government of national Unity that Emmanuel Macron would consider is a good idea

Aurelien Pradie (secretary general of Republicans) comments on Fabien Russel's claim that Emmanuel Macron would like a government of national Unity: "What are you refusing to do?" [...] It is not possible to force marriages. The deputy for Lot would prefer to make "a series of concrete proposals on purchasing power, ecology and disability ..."."

7:30 AM: Roussel says that Emmanuel Macron is "considering" the constitution of a government of national unity.

The Head of State is seeking solutions to the political situation at the Assembly where he has only a relative majority. Fabien Roussel says that this could be done through a government or based on the measures. Check out our article.

7:10 AM: Emmanuel Macron continues to meet with leaders of the party

Emmanuel Macron continues his consultations with party leaders. He will meet Julien Bayou, the national secretary for EELV and then Mathilde Panot, the rebellious Adrien Qatennens.

7:08 AM: Battle for the presidency

Five figures from the macronie are now positioned to succeed Richard Ferrand at the Assembly's perch. Yael BraunPivet (Barbara Pompili), Roland Lescure and Joel Giraud were nominated as candidates on Tuesday. On Wednesday, they will be facing each other in an intern vote. On June 28, the winner will be confronted by the candidates from the other political parties.

7:06 AM: Scientists train new MPs to address the climate emergency

Many French scientists offer training for new deputies on the most important environmental and biodiversity issues. If the president majority and the left of the new legislature have not responded, then no right-leaning elected official has met with researchers.

Read on for more information.

7:05 a.m.: MEPs elect group presidents

The newly elected MEPs will elect the group president on Wednesday. LREM has a primary between Aurore Berge, Stella Dupont and Remy Rebeyrotte. The pair Jean-Rene Cazeneuve–Guillaume Vuilletet is also in the running. The primary for LR will be Julien Dive to Olivier Marleix. Boris Vallaud should be the primary for PS, and Sandra Regol for EELV. There is no suspense for the RN, Marine le Pen. Mathilde Panot, president of the LFI group, was unanimously elected on Tuesday.

7 a.m . Greetings and best wishes for the live coverage of the legislative elections.

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