Legislative 2022. Live: Gabriel Attal says that "Rebellious France is having a problem with truth"

8:40 p.

Legislative 2022. Live: Gabriel Attal says that "Rebellious France is having a problem with truth"

8:40 p.m . : Jean-Luc Melenchon, judge.

Jean-Luc Melenchon, Guest of the JT of France 2 reopened the debate about the accounting of the results. The leader of Nupes stated that all this was done to conceal that Macronist party suffered a serious defeat.

"It's a manipulation. Their hack isn't the worst thing they did. People thought this campaign was small. It was impossible to have a discussion on their hidden budget, impossible for 65-year-olds to have a budget on retirement... Everything is dependent on the fact that abstentionism is the largest party in this country, says Jean-Luc Melenchon.

8:05 p.m . Emmanuel Macron could talk "this week".

"I believe he will speak this coming week. It's important because the President is the one who, at some point, gives the impetus for mobilizing our electorate. It is important for him to be able express himself like he did before round one to highlight what is at stake: a majority in the Presidential race, a relative majority with the risk of instability, or worse, the risk that there is a majority of far-left voters in the country," declared LCP-Public Senat deputy LREM Aurore Bergee in regards to the head of state.

7:55 p.m.: Reconquest! Learn from the legislative elections

In a statement, Reclaim! Reclaim! outlines three lessons learned from the first round legislative elections. The executive office writes that "with 1 million votes, it has just put up a banner in every constituency of France". This is a significant step towards the establishment and growth of the movement. The party states that, "as of today," we are enhancing the organization of the party. We are organizing our training centre and strengthening our network. We will be present and organised everywhere and ready for the next deadlines.

Finally, Reclaim! Reclaim! This is a significant responsibility for the leaders of LR and RN who refused to accept Reconquest's outstretched hand.

7:45 p.m . Gerard Larcher: "La Nupes, the National Rally are the same danger."

On Twitter, the President of Senate responded to the results from the first round legislative elections. He first of all welcomes the score by the right-center: "The second round projections credit our with 50-60 deputies which would make us the second opposition group in next assembly."

He adds, "that no voice should be taken to extremes." Both the National Rally and Nupes pose the same threat to our country. Gerard Larcher says that Ensemble is represented in his constituency. He will vote for the presidential majority candidate and a Nupes candidate.

7:36 p.m . Gabriel Attal calls Abstention "a deep topic which must be included everyone"

Gabriel Attal responds to questions about the abstention record in the first round legislative elections. He says that it is "very concerning, it is a deeply topic, which must involve everybody, that is, all political parties, intermediary body, associations to reinvent institutions and political practices".

7:30 p.m. : Gabriel Attal declares that "Obviously, we don't want there to be any vote from one our voters for a Candidate from the National Rally".

Gabriel Attal stated on France 5, "That obviously we don't want there to be any vote from one our voters for a National Rally candidate." We don't call for RN candidates to be voted for.

The voting instructions are as follows: "You have candidates who have clearly moved away the values of Republic, and others who are deeply rooted. For example, we announced that we supported Marine Tondelier's candidacy against Marine Le Pen. Fabien Roussel and Valerie Rabault "added the role of budget minister."

7:25 p.m . Gabriel Attal returns to the absence debate during the campaign

Gabriel Attal, in C a vous sur France 5, mentioned the lack debate during the campaign. This was criticized by the opponents of the presidential majority. It's complicated because of the speaking time rules. We spared no effort. Half of the government is running in these elections. This shows that we are invested in the campaign and ready and available to make it a success," said the Minister of Action and Public Accounts.

7:11 p.m . Gabriel Attal: "Rebellious France has problems with the truth"

Guest of C a vous sur France 5, Gabriel Attal, Minister of Action and Public Accounts, reacted to controversy surrounding the accounting of results from the first round legislative election. He explained that Nupes were candidates who had been Nupes-invested and declared Nupes in their prefecture. This was not the case for Overseas.

We see it again with this story, that France Insoumise is having a problem with truth. Gabriel Attal said that they saw it with the scientific truth about the nuclear and vaccine questions, as well as the economic truth. "We also see it there with electoral truth. He added, "I find it serious because it is quite insulting for the Ministry of the Interior that reports the results and the excellent performance of this election." "When politicians such as Melenchon believe the results are rigged how can you make French citizens, especially the young ones, want to vote?" He also wondered.

6:55 p.m.: Reconquest! His line will be set for the second round

Eric Zemmour's party will ask for votes to support the National Rally candidates in the second round legislative elections. According to BFMTV the political committee of Reconquest! Tonight's meeting will take place at 7 PM to decide the party line for Round 2. After the meeting, a press release should be issued.

6:50 p.m . Cnews and Figaro will not be able to receive Eric Zemmour's return

Eric Zemmour, according to his friends and family, will not be returning to Cnews or to his column in Figaro.

6:46 p.m . Blanquer urges voting on a "case-by-case" basis

Jean-Michel Blanquer, RTL, calls for voting "on case-by-case" for the second round. "Do we respect France's principles, love France and are we respectful towards our enemies?" These are the things we need to look at if we wish to live in a healthy democracy. You have an extreme left that believes everything is permissible because it believes it embodies progress," said the candidate for the 4th constituency in Loiret.

6:42 p.m . : Jean-Michel Blanquer considers his defeat a "relative failure"

RTL: The former Minister of Education believes that his defeat in round one of the legislative election was a "relative failure" in that his objective was to stop this constituency having to choose between two radicals in the second turn. The case isn't over, as the gap with the communist candidate is small and there were many irregularities in his campaign management.

He said that he was taking legal action to enforce electoral rules. Political rules in the sense of extreme verbal violence and legal rules. There are also things that are beyond our time. To imitate an opponent's leaflet, by inserting false information in it, is one example.

6:27 p.m . Manon Aubry salutes "A historic result for left"

Manon Aubry is the president of the Left Group in the European Parliament. He believes Franceinfo that this is a historic Nupes result, which is only a few weeks old. "We are doing twice as much in 2017 and are leading in more than 190 constituencies. She said that it was a remarkable mobilization and a historic outcome for the left.

6:24 p.m . RN believes Andrea Kotarac is "the first party" in France

Franceinfo's spokesperson Andrea Kotarac for the National Rally believes that the RN does better than the presidential election because we are the first party to enter France. He points out that the RN was against both the presidential coalition, and a left-leaning coalition.

6 p.m. Le Pen and Bardella demand "amplifying National Rally vote"

Marine Le Pen, in a video posted on Twitter by Jordan Bardella asks French citizens "to amplify the National Rally vote where we are in round two". The Pas-de-Calais candidate said that "in many constituencies, it is possible to win."

5:55 p.m . : President of the Young Republicans, Donald Trump, calls for "a complete reconstruction of the right"

Guilhem Carayon (the president of the Young Republicans), was beaten in round one. He stated that it was necessary to "rebuild everything" and "to create a movement that is not just a union of elected officials, but also a popular party that draws the consequences for changes in society." Shut down the shop and build a large house.

5:45 p.m . Ensemble's candidate! Pas-de-Calais eliminated in 11th constituency. She maintains that she will vote blank for the second round

"I keep my white vote", was reaffirmed by RMC Alexandrine Pintus at the microphone. This is the candidate of the presidential alliance that was eliminated in the first round of Pas-de-Calais' 11th constituency. Marine Le Pen (RN), fighting Marine Tondelier, a Nupes candidate in his constituency. "I have always opposed the National Rally. Even there, I led an anti-National Rally campaign. This is evident in my poster and in all of my leaflets. We can't afford to buy everything, because Marine Le Pen is our only option. Marine Tondelier was not republican, and that's why I deplore it," she explained.

5:15 p.m . Results: La Nupes won't appeal to the results

According to BFMTV information, the Nupes should not denounce a "manipulation", of the figures by the Ministry of the Interior.

5:08 p.m . Christian Jacob assures that LR will be a useful opposition

Monday's boss of LR Christian Jacob said that while his party would be a useful opposition, it would not be an auxiliary force of the macronie if they do not have an absolute majority. After a meeting of the strategic committee, he stated that "despite all the maneuvers by Emmanuel Macron to raise extremes, the Republicans were there, and today, we are the only useful voter".

He reiterated that no voice should be heard at the extremes, but he did not give any instructions.

Rachel Keke promises that she will be the voiceless' voice at 5 p.m.

Rachel Keke, maid, and candidate for Nupes, came first in Val-de-Marne, against Roxana Maracineanu, former sports minister. She received 37.22% of vote in the first round. Rachel was hailed as "a very beautiful story, an historical story". She said that she would carry the "voice of the voiceless" if elected. "All these vital professions were depised during the Covid. Today, they are fighting to raise their salaries and have not had their voices heard. We must work together with Nupes to find solutions for the essential professions that are currently invisible. She stated that we must make these trades visible."

4:36 p.m . Sophia Chikirou denounces a "tampering attempt" by the government

Sophia Chikirou is the new MP and will be entering the National Assembly today. She denounced to BFMTV a "tampering" attempt by the Ministry of the Interior to alter the election results. "To try to sow doubt among people's minds to say that Nupes cannot win," she said. "But, if we win!" "Says the member from the 6th district in Paris.

4:06 p.m . RN leads in conquered municipalities

The RN is first in the number of municipalities, just like during the presidential election. An AFP tally shows that he won approximately 11,300 of almost 35,000 votes, beating Together! (9000), and the Nupes (7500) and LR (4900).

3:50 p.m . Philippe Poutou calls to block macronie

"The macronie panics, and speaks out against the left. Let's not hesitate, we must stop their Republic of wealth, social inequalities and that of repression, and create a front for anti-liberal, and even capitalist struggles," "tweeted former presidential candidate.

3:45 p.m . La Nupes attempts to mobilize the young

An Ipsos/Storia poll found that 69% of 18-24-year-olds abstained from the first round legislative elections, and 71% of 25-34-year-olds did not vote. The Nupes attempts to mobilize them for round 2. "Say the 18/25-year-olds, let's just be real, it's a bit to you that we do politics, and that our goal is to change the world. So we're counting on you...", tweeted Sandrine Rousseau. The second round will be decided by the 18-34-year-olds. Your participation can help pave the way to green planning, green rule and end of Parcoursup. Join us on June 19th to awaken hope! Olivier Faure wrote.

3:35 p.m . : The National Assembly is greeted by the four Nupe deputies who were elected in the first round.

Today's National Assembly will see the four Nupes candidates (Sophia Chikirou and Sarah Legrain in Paris, and Alexis Corbiere and Seine-Saint-Denis in Seine-Saint-Denis), elected in the 1st Round. According to Luc Chaillot (our reporter on-site), they just arrived at the Palais Bourbon.

3:28 p.m . Valerie Pecresse: "The only vote that will prove useful will be the one for the candidates of right and center."

Valerie Pecresse, the unfortunate presidential candidate, defends her family on Twitter: "More so than ever next Sunday, for the second round, the legislative elections, and the only vote that will be useful will be the one for the candidates of right and center, which they are. qualified. Only our candidates will defend a clear line of political action in the face extremes and the vagueness that "at the same" implies. A voice shouldn't be heard anywhere else! ".

3:20 p.m. Jean-Luc Melenchon: "Matignon doesn't move away, but getting closer,"

Jean-Luc Melenchon, a Parisian LFI HQ official, assured that Matignon was not moving away and is getting closer to him. He also said that he was very confident. He asked those young people who had abstained to vote to go to the second round to vote: "surge, now is the moment you have all the power to change everything."

3:06 p.m . La France Insoumise decries "manipulations” of the Ministry of the Interior

France Insoumise, in a press release, denounces the "attempts to manipulate" being pursued by the Ministry of the Interior. The results of the NUPES were removed from the NUPES result. They are now posted on the website of the Ministry of the Interior. This party believes that the manipulation is intended to "artificially make the presidential coalition appear to be in the lead in the first round, when it is not because of the reality of the votes".

3:05 p.m.: Elisabeth Charging station Jean-Luc Melenchon

The Prime Minister was nervously re-examined the results at a meeting Together!: "When Jean-Luc Melenchon says he is the Prime Minister, he's above all the rest of the liars. We cannot leave the Nupes with a centimeter to manipulate.

"He lies about his side's results, inflating the numbers to make headlines around 8 p.m. Yesterday, Jean-Luc Melenchon again displayed his worst flaws. When he isn't in the lead, he blames numbers. (...) If you lie to the French in this way, it is not a sign that you respect them. (...) You cannot let go of all the lies and compromises that are necessary to get power.

3:00 p.m.: This live is dedicated to the legislative election, the day following the first round.

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