Legislative 2022. The only week between the two rounds of elections

"The ballot is only for one day/ It takes places on Sunday.

Legislative 2022. The only week between the two rounds of elections

"The ballot is only for one day/ It takes places on Sunday. In the event that there are two rounds of voting, they take place on Sunday after the first round. These three sentences are the three articles of L54 to L56, which regulate the conditions for voting in legislative election. The ballot will be held this year on June 12th and 19. What's the difference between two weekends in succession and the presidential election where the time between the two rounds was two weeks (between April 10-24)? It is because the presidential election is the exception.

Except for the election to the presidency, all French two-round elections are held over one week. This was true for the 2021 regional and departmental elections (June 20, 27 and 20), and it was also the case for 2020 municipal elections (March 15, 22 and 22). The second round was delayed by the Covid-19 pandemic. three months (June 28,). The Europeans are proportionally held simultaneously throughout the EU. They will be in one round on May 26, 2019, for the last.

How can you explain the difference in elections? The presidential election is a national campaign and not a local one. Because of the importance and significance of French territory (including mainland France) fifteen days seemed to be the minimum time for the two finalists. The constituencies for local elections must be smaller," said Pascal Jan, constitutionalist and prefect of Yonne to TV5 Monde at beginning of the year.

It is true that the size of the constituencies can make a big difference. The exception is French citizens living overseas, who vote for the legislative elections every 15 days. These 11 constituencies were created in 2010. French citizens living abroad voted for the first round of the election, which was marked by the elimination Manuel Valls. They will again vote next weekend for round 2.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs explains that "The French community living abroad votes one week in advance for round 1 in order to facilitate delivery of electoral material and so that candidates elected and those elected for round 2 have a period of two (2) weeks to be eligible to campaign". The constituencies can sometimes span multiple continents. For example, the 11th includes 49 countries, divided into Eastern Europe (7 countries), Asia (28) or Oceania (14)). ..

Similar situation in French Polynesia. They voted on June 4, and will vote in round two on June 18.

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