"Let's Dance" - introductory show: Anna Ermakova enchants the audience

Comedian Abdelkarim makes for wonderful laughs, Jorge suddenly speaks Turkish and "Knossi" actually dances the tango.

"Let's Dance" - introductory show: Anna Ermakova enchants the audience

Comedian Abdelkarim makes for wonderful laughs, Jorge suddenly speaks Turkish and "Knossi" actually dances the tango. But the surprise of the evening is provided by Anna Ermakova. And not just with one Quickstep. Let's Dance - the most beautiful show on German television is back!

Be careful, pull in your stomach, shoulders back, assume your posture. Because: "Let's Dance" is back. We're really into Season 16 already, and as usual, it begins with the introductory show. Anyone who thinks that the popular format should be out of breath by now is wrong. The opening alone: ​​spectacular!

Now one could of course whistle a little grouchy: Who are these partly unknown people? But in twelve weeks nobody will say that anymore. Of course, the ensemble this year also includes well-known faces such as Anna Ermakova, daughter of Boris Becker or the former bachelorette Sharon Battiste as well as the comedian Abdelkarim or the former gymnast Philipp Boy.

Luckily nobody gets kicked out in the introductory show and although it usually all seems a bit overwhelming at first and you don't even know where to look first (you can also watch the whole thing again on RTL), he's back very quickly, this one very own magic that makes this show so special.

Of course, the jurors Motsi and Jorge, who with his hairstyle proves what you can do with the old tinsel from the Christmas tree, also stand for glamor. Before the new candidates are "partnered" with the pros, they must provide what "Danielito" Hartwich puts it, "initial proof of work."

In small groups, everyone slowly approaches each other. It's new territory for many. Most are - understandably - quite the nozzle. Sharon Battiste, who dances in the first group with actress Julia Beautx and social media star Younes Zarou, shows a lot of potential with a fleet-footed cha-cha-cha. Christian Polanc is guaranteed to get that out of her in the next few weeks.

Everyone is scurrying and fluttering around wildly with excitement, the legs of "GZSZ" mimin Chryssanthi Kavazi are "as soft as spaghetti" and comedian Abdelkarim's quick wit makes the first laugh: "The steps were learned, but I spontaneously improvised ". Some candidates are still from the “sleeping car department”, the others are already really attacking. And suddenly our Jorge speaks - Turkish! And then Arabic too! He should only say something about the Charleston! Hartwich teases: "We don't understand your German, you don't have to speak Arabic and Turkish!"

Star chef Ali Güngörmüs, Philipp Boy received the first standing applause

The mentalist Timon Krause and the handball player Michael Kraus are also part of the game. Both dance a quick step. And it really is something to be proud of! But our RTL has once again saved the best for last: the fifth group. The model Alex Mariah Peter, the ex-wife of Vitali Klitschko, Natalia Yegorova and Anna Ermakova are dancing in this one. A slow waltz is presented and Anna is very "nervous, but in a good way."

The 22-year-old is not only the best dancer of the evening, she also receives the wild card and does not have to tremble in the upcoming show. The jury praises her for her beautiful step approach. Motsi even had a bit of goosebumps. In fact, Ermakova radiates a certain glow. Maybe it's her modest manner, the shy smile when she tries to speak German. She honestly admits: "I'm a bit scared of the audience". But there is not only so much "positive energy" in the hall that evening, but also in a young woman who until then only knew the whole world "as the daughter of". But she enchanted the audience all by herself as Anna. let's dance