Lisa Banes,'Gone Girl' Celebrity, Seriously Hurt in hit-and-run in New York

Lisa Banes, the actress famous for her roles in"Gone Girl" and"Cocktail," was seriously injured Friday evening when she was hit by a scooter whilst crossing the road in nyc, according to her boss and the New York Police Department.

Lisa Banes,'Gone Girl' Celebrity, Seriously Hurt in hit-and-run in New York

"We're just hoping she pulls through," he explained in an email. There, a female neighbor was lying on the roadway with acute head injury, and EMS took her into the hospital, where she's in critical illness, NYPD explained.
The NYPD Highway District's Collision Investigation Squad decided that the woman was trying to cross Amsterdam Avenue within the crosswalk, using all the pedestrian signal in her favor, even as soon as a scooter travel north on the route went through a red light and struck her, knocking her into the roadway, according to authorities.
The scooter returned , authorities said. There have been no arrests yetthey stated.

Williams stated his understanding was that Banes was on her way to go to Juilliard, her alma mater, and Lincoln Center Theater if she had been hurt.
Banes, born July 9, 1955, at Chagrin Falls, Ohio, has emerged throughout film, TV and theatre at a career dating back to the 1980s, based on IMDB. She depicted among Tom Cruise's love interests in the 1988 movie"Cocktail" and the worried, prickly mother Marybeth Elliott at the 2014 movie"Gone Girl," and lately has appeared in the TV shows"Royal Pains,""Masters of Gender" and"Nashville."

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