Live. Reshuffle: Damien Abad denounces the "despicable slander", which was "orchestrated using a well-chosen Calendar"

Monday morning saw the unveiling of the new government of Elisabeth Borne.

Live. Reshuffle: Damien Abad denounces the "despicable slander", which was "orchestrated using a well-chosen Calendar"

Monday morning saw the unveiling of the new government of Elisabeth Borne.

The handovers are underway. The first Council of Ministers of Borne 2's government will meet Monday, April 4, at 4 p.m.

Jean-Noel Barrot is the son of Jacques Barrot and an economist. He becomes a minister after following in his father's steps. Originally hailing from Haute-Loire the MoDem deputy is now Minister Delegate for Digital and Telecommunications.

12:51 p.m . Damien Abad denounces "despicable lies" for which he is the victim

Damien Abad declared that it was preferable, in the face the deplorable slander of me, orchestrated in an carefully-chosen timeline, that I could defend my self without hindering government action," during his transfer to power. He stated that he would "defend myself relentlessly" until his innocence was proven. And that he would fight against "this disastrous movement which relegates presumption to innocence" to the background.

"Everyone should assess the horrific violence that such well-planned practices inflict on a person, a family, or loved one. It is often reported without media discernment. The former Minister of Solidarity added that an injustice done to one is a threat for all.

12:50 p.m . Damien Abad departs the Ministry of Solidarity with "great regret"

Damien Abad stated that he was leaving the Ministry of Solidarity after transferring power. "I won't have been given the time, but until the end I fully assumed my role as minister with no fewer than six trips in fifteen days. He insists on underlining his points before presenting his successor with "all his hopes and dreams of success". Jean-Christophe Combe (director of the French Red Cross) will replace him in this position.

12:40 p.m . Olivier Veran is "the voice for the French"

Olivier Veran, the government spokesperson, stated that he wanted "to be the voice for the French" upon his appointment. He also stated that "We have much to do in order to rebuild confidence."

12:24 p.m . "The President of The Republic is so again disregarding the verdict of polls."

"Those who have failed are all renewed. The President of France ignores the verdict of the voters and the French desire for a different policy. "Wrote Marine Le Pen, the leader of the Deputies on Twitter.

Laurent Jacobelli, RN spokesperson, specifically targeted Gerald Darmanin. He returned to the Interior with a portfolio that was extended to Overseas. "After the Stade de France fiasco, the repeated lies and inability to manage migratory underwater, and the savagery Gerald Darmanin has been .... promoted! promoted!?! "Macronie doesn't care about the results of elections or the French," Mr. Jacobelli claimed.

12:09 PM: Early opposition reactions are severe to the reshuffle

"Macronie in midst of recruiting," tweeted Mathilde Panot (president of LFI Group in the National Assembly), mocking "the major consults of political forces that last two weeks to ultimately... bring Marlene Schiappa home", while Ian Brossat, a spokesperson for the PCF, criticized "a new game of musical chairs within government".

Sandrine Rousseau, EELV MP, denounced Christophe Bechu's takeover of Ecological Transition Portfolio. She said that they had "never crossed paths on any environmental struggle."

Senator LR Dominique Estrosi-Sassone regretted "a facade parity".

12:07 p.m. Emmanuel Macron convokes a Council of Ministers at 4.

Emmanuel Macron called a Council of Ministers to be held at the Elysee Palace at 4 p.m. on Monday, just hours after the election of the new government. The question of confidence that Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne might ask the Assembly during her general policy statement on Wednesday at 4 p.m. could be discussed at this Council of Ministers. She has yet to say whether she is liable.

11:43 a.m . 11:43 a.m. : Nancy's Carole Grandjean is appointed Minister Delegate to Vocational Education and Training

Nancy's Carole Grandjean was elected Minister Delegate. She is responsible for vocational education in the new government of Elisabeth Borne. During the last legislative elections, she was re-elected MP in the first Meurthe-et-Moselle constituency.

11:39 AM: Alsatian Olivier Becht is Minister Delegate for Foreign Trade and Attractiveness, French Nationals Abroad

Former mayor of Rixheim Olivier Becht was also deputy of Haut-Rhin Olivier Becht. He has been named deputy minister in charge of foreign commerce, attractiveness, and French people living overseas.

10:56 AM: Franck Riester (Minister Delegate for Relations to Parliament)

Franck Riester is a former Minister of Culture and Minister Delegate for Attractiveness, Foreign Trade and Attractiveness. He now serves as Minister Delegate for Relations with Parliament.

This is a crucial position as he will need to compromise with the different political parties in order to persuade them to vote for the text of the government, which does not have majority in the National Assembly.

10:55 AM: Laurence Boone, economist, replaces Clement Beaune at European Affairs

Laurence Boone (economist) will take over as Secretary of State in charge of Europe. Clement Beaune is now Secretary of State in Charge of Europe. Clement Boone, who was Minister Delegate previously, will be appointed Minister Delegate For Transport. This position is more visible on the French political scene. .

10:53 a.m . : Chrysoula Zigarouou, Secretary-of-State targeted by two rape allegations, keeps her post

Chrysoula Zigaropoulou, the outgoing Secretary for State for Development, is still in her position. She has been accused of two counts of rape while she was a gynecologist.

10:49 AM: A prefect for Overseas Territories

Jean-Francois Carenco, the former Prefect, has been appointed Minister Delegate for Overseas France. He replaces Yael Braun-Pivet, who was elected President of National Assembly. The new minister, who was notably prefect of Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon (1996-1997) and Guadeloupe (1999-2002), a graduate of Ena, has until now chaired the Energy Regulation Commission .

10:46 AM: Damien Abad has officially resigned from the Borne government

Damien Abad is the Minister of Solidarity and Autonomy under investigation for "attempted Rape" leaving the government.

Jean-Christophe Combe is now the director general of French Red Cross.

Marlene Schiappa is back in government at 10:44

Marlene Schiappa, Secretary of State responsible for the Social and Solidarity Economy and Associative Life, returns to the government. She was Minister Delegate for Citizenship in Castex until May last year.

10:41 a.m . - The Mayor of Angers Christophe Bechu - Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion

Christophe Bechu is the mayor of Angers in Maine-et-Loire. He was close to Edouard Philippe and has been appointed to Ecological Transition to succeed Amelie de Montchalin who was defeated in the legislative election. He was Minister Delegate for Territorial Communities.

9:32 AM: Damien Abad should quit the government

Le Progres Damien Abad stated that the ex-president, LR group, of the Assembly's Minister of Solidarity and Autonomy would not be a part of the new Borne government. He was being investigated for "attempted rape". As Ain's deputy, he will be found on the benches of Ain's hemicycle.

It's a civil society personality who could replace him: Jean-Christophe Combe is director general of French Red Cross.

8:42 AM: Francois Braun, Ministry of Health

According to Republican Lorrain, Mosellan, and Francois Braun, doctor at CHR Metz-Thionville's emergency department, Brigitte Bourguignon will be replaced by president of Samu-Urgences de France. She was beaten in the legislative election and, therefore, could not continue in the government under the rules of Emmanuel Macron.

Francois Braun was asked to prepare a report on France's state of emergency to be submitted to the President of The Republic a few weeks back. He has compiled a list with 41 recommendations, which he requests funding, arms, and administrative simplifications in less than a month.

8.34 AM: Clement Beaune, transport

Clement Beaune will, according to our information, recover the transport portfolio. Clement Beaune, who was previously Minister Delegate to Minister for Europe and foreign Affairs, was responsible for Europe. This minister will be exposed in the face of rising fuel prices and hot topics such as ecological transition.

8:31 a.m . 8:31 a.m. - Bruno Le Maire, Minister for the Economy confirms that he is still in his position

On Monday morning, Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy, confirmed that he would remain Minister of Economy and Finance under the new government.

8:30 AM: Olivia Gregoire, ex-Minister for Health, leaves Olivia Gregoire as spokesperson

Our information suggests that Olivia Gregoire, the government spokesperson, will be appointed deputy minister at Bercy to oversee a large portfolio which would include SMEs, France's attractiveness, crafts, and tourism.

Olivier Veran, a former Minister of Health, will take her place as spokesperson for the government.

8:25 AM: The Abad-Zaropoulou cases

What is the fate of Damien Abad (Solidarities) and Chrysoula Zozaropoulou (development, Francophonie), defectors from LR? After a new complaint, the Paris prosecutor opened an investigation into the first. The accusations of rape have led to the second being implicated in rape. The second, a gynecologist, is also being accused of rape. This complaint is not related to the Abad case. She stated that the serious allegations against her, which relate to medical examinations she performed to diagnose and treat patients' illnesses, were unacceptable and outlandish.

8:20 AM: Four ministers are certain to quit the government

Three ministers who lost in the legislative election were not reappointed. They are Brigitte Bourguignon (Minister of Health), Amelie De Montchalin (Minister for Ecological Transition, Territorial Cohesion, and Justine Benin (Secretary of State for the Sea). It will also be necessary for Yael BraunPivet(Overseas), who resigned from the government to assume the presidency of National Assembly.

8:20 am: This live is dedicated to the election of the Borne2 government

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