LOC Sevilla celebrates the Escaparate awards, with designer Christian Louboutin as godfather

The appointment was at eight in the afternoon at the Patio de Banderas in Seville, in the heart of the Santa Cruz neighborhood

LOC Sevilla celebrates the Escaparate awards, with designer Christian Louboutin as godfather

The appointment was at eight in the afternoon at the Patio de Banderas in Seville, in the heart of the Santa Cruz neighborhood. The wall of the Real Alcázar witnessed the arrival of more than 400 guests who gathered at the 17th Escaparate magazine awards, created and directed by Mario Niebla del Toro, an event that brings together countless well-known faces every year. from all sectors of society.

On this occasion, the godfather of honor was the French designer Christian Louboutin, the famous creator of the well-known red-soled shoes, who arrived at the place walking accompanied by the Sevillian decorator Patricia Medina Abascal, niece of Naty Abascal, a passionate about the tradition and great defender of crafts.

The reception of the guests began with the usual photocall, in addition to an equestrian show by the rider Jaime de la Puerta and the music of the Banda del Carmen de Salteras, which even performed an Easter march.

The long tables were installed in the center of the square, in addition to chairs decorated with balloons or rows of light bulbs and Spanish flags or floral centers on the tablecloths were some of the decorative attractions of the event. And the Real Alcázar of Seville and the Giralda, two of the images that flanked the space.

Gentlemen in tuxedos, and the ladies had to wear polka dots. An indication, that of moles, that not all of them followed, although most of them did.

Little by little, and after the endless greetings, the awards ceremony began, which included several very emotional moments. The first of them, when Isabel Jiménez and her nephew Alejandro, sister and son of the great María Jiménez, respectively, came on stage. Alejandro said in his speech that "for me it is very hard; it has only been ten days... I don't want my emotions to come out... She is here with us, and I want to thank Sevilla for how she gave herself in my mother's funeral and for the warmth and affection that the family felt that day.

Former soccer player Juan Carlos Unzué collected a check for the Luzón Foundation, dedicated to research and improving the living conditions of ALS patients and their families. Unzué recalled that it is a disease that today has no treatment or cure, and said that he did not want to forget "my four thousand sick companions in Spain; before having a dignified death, we want to have the possibility of having a dignified life. Today in our country this is impossible, because the ALS Law remains blocked and the lack of aid continues its path.

He also asked "that we not allow any more people, wanting to live, to be forced to die due to the lack of this aid. Continue enjoying life, as you taught me in the years I lived in this magnificent city with my wife, María, and with our three children.

The third was the Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper, Sergio Rico, who attended with his wife, Alba Silva, and his sister-in-law Macarena, just the day after his last medical check-up in which, although he has not yet received a definitive discharge, he has He had good news about the evolution of the brain aneurysm he suffered as a result of his accident in El Rocío last May.

There were many more winners during the long night that the event lasted, hosted by Michi Primo de Rivera Oriol. Among them, the Madrid player Emilio Butragueño, although he was seen and not seen. He collected the prize from him before the start of the event and left because, apparently, he had to travel and couldn't stay.

Together with all of them, they passed through the stage to collect their respective Ainhoa ​​Arteta awards; Fernando Martínez de Irujo, Marquis of San Vicente del Barco, representing his older brother, the Duke of Alba; Alejandro Amenábar; the singer India Martínez - she came with her boyfriend, Ismael Vázquez -; the model Malena Costa -it was with her boyfriend, the soccer player Mario Suárez-; Verónica Fernández de Córdova marquise de la Puente y de Sotomayor (Bodegas Marqués de Riscal); the actors Manuel Bandera and María Barranco; the bullfighter Juan Ortega; the journalists Jesús Álvarez and Pepe Navarro -with a contribution to the Isabel Gemio Foundation- and Eduardo Inda; Father Ángel -with donation to Messengers of Peace-; the singer Esperanza Fernández, and representatives of CocaCola, the Torre de Los Remedios Business Center and Gilmar, also awarded.

Awards that have been designed by the Jerez artist Cristóbal Donaire 'Balcris', who on this occasion has been inspired by the Spanish horse.

Along with all of them, there was no shortage of the mayor of Seville, José Luis Sanz, with his wife, Laura Díaz Cuesta, as well as his predecessor in office, Antonio Muñoz, with her husband, the writer Fernando Repiso.

There were many more well-known faces in addition to those awarded, among them, Princess Beatrice of Orleans; Cayetano Martínez de Irujo, Duke of Arjona, with his girlfriend, Bárbara Mirjan; Princess Luisa of Orleans and Bragança; the businesswoman Paloma Segrelles; the designers Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada (with her partner, José Manuel Díaz-Patón), Victorio and Lucchino; Palomo Spain, Nicolás Montenegro, Vivas Carrión, Javier García or Fernando Claro, among others; Fiona Ferrer; Belinda Washington; the actress Antonia San Juan; Arantxa del Sol; Carmen Lomana, to whom Hubertus de Hohenlohe dedicated a song that he performed on stage; María del Monte and Inmaculada Casal; Esther Doña; Gloria Camila Ortega Mohedano; Marina Castaño; Estefania Luyk; Lucia Hoyos; Raquel Revuelta (with her partner, Luis García Bahamonde, president of Abbott Spain laboratories); the interior designer Tomás Alía; Remedios Cervantes; Antonio Canales...

In addition, the performances of Miguel Caiceo took place on stage, who once again gave life to Doña Paca; the Domus Carmina choir; the pianist Joaquín Pareja-Obregón; Joana Jiménez; Juan Habichuela; Davinia Jaén, Juani Mora, José Luis Pérez-Vera or Nano de Jerez and Esperanza Fernández herself, ending the evening with the music of DJ Carmen Hierbabuena.

The dinner, served by La Campana, included Iberian pringá brioche with payoyo cheese cream, bullfighting oxtail ingot with risolada potatoes and La Campana vanilla torrijas with bitter orange and tocino de cielo, with wines from Bodegas Marqués de Cáceres, Finca La Capilla, Manzanilla Solear and Excellens Verdejo.