Log horizon season 3 | Everything You Must need to know about it

Log horizon season 3 is one of the favorite and top-ranked anime seasons. It is popular among people who love to watch anime. Till to date, there are three seasons premiered that are loved by the audience. The creative and attractive plot of the seasons led it to its popularity. People who love to watch adventure, action, and thriller anime are also in love with this one. The piece of fiction is a perfect combination of science and vision, along with action and adventure. All the powerful characters and beautifully create situations make it an ideal option to get some entertainment. The suspense in the story and action projection made its viewers and fans keen to wait for the log horizon season 3.

Log horizon season 3 | Everything You Must need to know about it

log horizon season 3 delayed

Since 2015, when its second season was premiered in March, people are waiting for the next update. Previously, the third log horizon season, “Fall of the Round Table,” was subject to premier in October 2020. But, due to COVID-19, it was delayed till January 2021. Following the extreme COVID-19 situation, it was not favorable for the marketers and producers to launch the season.

Some of the entertainers believe that it was the right time to let more audience watch it. But, at that time, the production and completion were a hard time. The producer took health hazards seriously and did not launch it in solidarity with the people facing issues due to COVID.

On January 13, 2021, the log horizon fans got a surprise of the most awaited season. It aired, and remains are for about three months till March 31, 2021. There was no doubt that after this season, the log horizon season 3 was a massive success. Thought it was a late release, but it was trendy and in appreciation. On clearance, the season got so many views and reviews. People who were missing out on the 3rd season gladly welcome their favorite characters to screens.

The plot of the log horizon series

The story of the series is quite exciting and somehow new. It connects two mainstream topics, anime, and gaming, together. So, eventually, people have an interest either of them or both will follow the show. Elder tales is the popular online game in the story, and its frequent updates have made it even more sensations. It is the game of the future and has 11 successful expansions.

But, something is surprising with its 12th expansion. With this expansion, the developer got ultimate appreciation. It lets the player’s virtual avatars be in the game and realistically play it using virtual technology.
Things were quite happening, and at the launch, thousands of Japanese players logged in the game. But, things didn’t go well, and they end up stuck in the game with their game avatars. They were unable to log out of the game without completing the game.

They had to fight against the obstacles and monsters for survival. At this point, the withdrawn and introverted gamers combined with other gamers to liaison and fight the situation. The names the group Log Horizon.

Where you can watch log horizon season 3

It is a significant question that where you can easily watch the log horizon season 3. Other than broadcast, thankfully, now we have streaming partners of broadcasters. So, eventually, you can get a chance to watch your favorite shows with these streaming partners.

Log horizon season 3 is available on Netflix France. You cannot watch it on Netflix US, but users living in France can easily access the stream and enjoy it. moreover, for Hulu subscribers, log horizon season 2 is an available stream of all time. The fans can watch it but log horizon season 3 is not available on Hulu. The subscribers have to wait a little more to get the stream.

The people who have Amazon Prime subscriptions cannot enjoy the adventure and thriller story of log horizon along with its latest follow-up in season 3. The series is not available on Amazon Prime. But, if you have access to Funimation, you can watch all three seasons of log horizon there.

The streaming partners are giving you seamless access to the seasons and enjoy them. So, ho missed out on the first broadcast does not have to worry about accessing it now.

Is there any upcoming season?

After watching the log horizon season 3, now everyone has concerns about whether there will be a log horizon season 4 or not. If we go back a little to the season announcement and release history, then after the completion of season one, there was an announcement for season 2, which was aired within a year. Season 2 was followed by the news of log horizon season 3.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis is was delayed but released in January 2021. For season 4, there are news, announcement, or even rumors. Moreover, it depends on the story speculation. The creators have their ideas of taking it to an end or further expansion in their way. So, for other news, all anime lovers have to wait and watch.

Bottom line

Among the massive content creation worldwide, it is hard to ignore the importance of anime production. It is a different version for cartoons that is loved by the adults and kids simultaneously. Moreover, the variation of content and stories makes it even better. Log Horizon is one of the fantastic stories of all time in anime. Log horizon season 3 is the much-awaited season that hit the screen in January 2021. The people love it due to its different frame of reference and excellent charter sketching.

Date Of Update: 14 August 2021, 16:30

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