Logan Mailloux: NHL Draft: Canadiens "will help me greatly"

Logan Mailloux, who withdrew from the NHL Draft earlier this week following his conviction last year in Sweden, said he did not speak to the Montreal Canadiens or other teams between his withdrawal announcement and their selection of him in Round 1 of the draft on Friday night.

Logan Mailloux: NHL Draft: Canadiens "will help me greatly"

Mailloux was sentenced in December by a Swedish court for taking a photograph of a woman performing an act of sex without her consent and then sharing it with some colleagues.

Mailloux said Saturday that he knew he had stated that he didn't want the draft this year. However, as a young man who is determined to improve his life, he believes that being accompanied in Montreal by the Canadiens will be a great help. They have made it a point to help me develop as a person and I am grateful for that."

The Athletic reported that at least 11 teams had removed the defenseman before the draft.

On Tuesday, the 18-year-old said in a statement on social media that he was renouncing himself from this year's draft. Mailloux stated that the NHL Draft should be a significant moment in a player’s career. However, he didn't feel able to prove his maturity or character enough to get the privilege in the 2021 Draft.

The Canadiens selected him with the 31st overall pick, despite his withdrawal. Montreal released a statement after the selection saying that it was aware of Logan's situation and made a commitment to "accommodate Logan on his journey by giving him the tools to mature."

Mailloux took the photograph without permission while playing in Skelleftea for SK Lejon, Sweden on Nov. 7, 2020. He then distributed it to some of his teammates. A summary fine was issued to Mailloux, similar to a Swedish conviction for "Krankande fotografiering" (offensive photograph constituting an invasion or privacy) and "Fortal” (defamation) in December.

The woman said Monday to The Athletic that she had not forgiven Mailloux.

The woman sent an email saying that Logan did not understand the gravity of her behavior. She wrote, "All that I desired was an honest apology."

Mailloux, who expressed regret for his actions on Saturday, said that he had started counseling.

"I am sorry for the hurt I did to this person and their families. I deeply regret it. Unfortunately, what I did is a part of her and my lives. Although I have since apologized, it will continue to be a part of her life for the rest. It is something I regret deeply.

Mailloux answered a question about the doubts about his sincerity, and how he addressed them. He said that he hopes fans can trust him.

"All I can wish for is that they trust me and that they do. I made a terrible mistake and now I have to win back my trust. He said that it was not something that should be given. "I want to grow as a person and an individual. I believe that I can make a positive difference in the community. I feel that they will be able help me to follow those guidelines."

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