Look, Sebastian!: Emily Ratajkowski shows off her bikini stripes

Summer is over.

Look, Sebastian!: Emily Ratajkowski shows off her bikini stripes

Summer is over. But Emily Ratajkowski has kept a memento of him: bikini stripes, which she now proudly presents to her fans. And maybe her ex Sebastian Bear-McClard will be a little wistful at this sight.

We remember: It was above all her bottom that Emily Ratajkowski regularly delighted her fans with in the past. But of course the model also has other advantages, which she is only too happy to present recently.

About a week ago, she posted photos of one of her catwalk appearances on her Instagram page, where her transparent top really left few questions unanswered.

Now the 31-year-old is following up with a special commemoration of the end of summer. In one of her most recent posts, Ratajkowki is completely topless. Only arms, hands and hair cover the essentials. On the other hand, the bikini stripes, which bear witness to one or the other sunbath in the past few weeks and months, cannot be overlooked.

Perhaps Ratajkowski's estranged husband Sebastian Bear-McClard is also melancholy at this sight. Almost two weeks ago it was finally announced that she should have finally filed for divorce from him. This was reported by the "Page Six" portal, citing court documents available to it.

Ratajkowski had previously confirmed rumors of a separation between the couple. In a Tiktok video, she explained that she's "recently single."

In the actor and film producer Bear-McClard, Ratajkowski actually seemed to have found the man for life. Wedding bells rang for the two in 2018. Three years later, son Sylvester Apollo Bear was born.

It is rumored that the couple's separation was due to the fact that he wasn't so specific about loyalty. An unnamed, alleged friend of Ratajkowski was even quoted by "Page Six" as saying: "Yes, he cheated, he's a serial scammer. Disgusting."

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