"Love Letters to the Muse": The Pirelli calendar 2023 shows these models

The Pirelli calendar hasn't had the nackedei image for a long time.

"Love Letters to the Muse": The Pirelli calendar 2023 shows these models

The Pirelli calendar hasn't had the nackedei image for a long time. Instead, a lot of experimentation has been done in recent years to still attract attention when it is released. This should also succeed with the 2023 edition.

The 2023 Pirelli calendar is wrapped up. The Australian photographer Emma Summerton realized it under the theme "Love Letters to the Muse".

The presentation took place in the Milan museum for contemporary art "Pirelli HangarBicocca". As the motto promises, Summerton dedicated the 49th edition of the calendar to her muses. That means: all the women who have been a role model for her as an artist and as a person in her search for inspiration and who have accompanied her on her way and in her decisions, as it says in a statement.

"For the calendar, I wanted to go back to the very origin of the word muse. Muse originally meant not only a source of inspiration, but also a person who had literary, scientific or artistic talent," explains Summerton.

She was "fascinated by the women who create extraordinary and creative things, by the women who have inspired me throughout my career and my entire life, starting with my mother. Women from whom I have learned a lot: writers, photographers, poets, actresses and directors". Her vision was to honor these extraordinary women and "create a world in which to portray them," Summerton said.

The Pirelli calendar contains 28 photos of 14 models. Each of them is intended to show an affinity with the muse she represents. "In my shots, the line between the role the models are playing and who they really are is blurred and everything merges into images that seem like magical realism," explains the photographer.

You can see, for example, Guinevere Van Seenus, who is not only a top model but actually also a photographer. Lauren Wasser is a model and athlete. Ashley Graham, who portrays "the activist" on the calendar, is known for her commitment to body positivity. Precious Lee, "the narrator", is passionate about writing plays and stories.

Also starring are Lila Moss, ("The Prophet"), Adwoa Aboah ("The Queen"), Karlie Kloss ("The Technology Expert"), Sasha Pivovarova ("The Painter"), Emily Ratajkowski ("The Writer" ), Cara Delevingne ("The Performer"), Bella Hadid ("The Goblin"), Kaya Wilkins ("The Musician"), He Cong ("The Wise") and Adut Akech ("The Dream Catcher").

As always, the Pirelli calendar cannot be bought. The hand-picked copies go to business partners and selected personalities.

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