Macron is against Borne and Le Pen refusing to debate, the bike is a candidate in the legislative elections

Nine days remain before the first round in the legislative elections.

Macron is against Borne and Le Pen refusing to debate, the bike is a candidate in the legislative elections

Nine days remain before the first round in the legislative elections. The bicycle is becoming an indispensable political object.

You will need to learn how to live without television contests if you don't like them. Or to accept exchanges between third knives who stutter and keep silent when faced with questions from journalists. This is what the National Rally offered since the beginning of the legislative campaign. According to the "Parisian", neither Marine Le Pen (candidate in her stronghold of Henin-Beaumont) nor Elisabeth Borne (who is embarking on Calvados), have agreed to debate. France 3 is forced to cancel all scheduled programs by the two candidates to preserve the remaining speaking time.

They are, however, theoretically, the leader of both the main opposition force (if we consider the presidential election results) and the leader of majority (if we adhere to the principles in the Fifth Republic). Elisabeth Borne may prefer to avoid any missteps, with the sustainability of Matignon being dependent, according to her own words on her victory in legislative elections. Marine Le Pen may still have fond memories of the debate between rounds one and two, even though it was a different tone than 2017. If you are feeling frustrated, we recommend that you replay the France 3 debate on the 4th constituency in Loiret. It features Jean-Michel Blanquer, former Minister of National Education, against Bruno Nottin (electable communist candidate for Nupes).

According to "le Parisien", the name change from La Republique en Marche to Renaissance (LREM) should be a substantial change to make way for "Macronism After Macron". It is short to say that the head of state has so far built his political party as a counter-model for the Socialist Party. This means that there is no currents, local barons, or internal democracy. An empty and vertical shell that is supposed to be transformed, if needed, into an electoral machine in order to bring Emmanuel Macron back on the scene.

The situation would have been different if it wasn't for the Fifth Republic. The Fifth Republic bans two consecutive terms of president. Renaissance could therefore become a true party with paid membership and a federalist structure. It might even be possible to organize a primary election to appoint a candidate for 2027. Let us just make a comment. LREM has been witness to several such announcements over the past five years. These were accompanied with promises of greater internal democracy... but that has never happened. We are eager to see.

It is all political, we repeat. A bicycle is more than just a mode of transportation. You only need to recall the outcry and the fight that broke out in Paris between the left- and right-leaning parties following Anne Hidalgo’s decision to pedestrianize riverside lanes. The consensus is growing in France for cycling gear. The Velo et Territories association published figures on Wednesday, June 1, showing that journeys on the little queen have increased dramatically in major French cities during the first five months, by 13% compared with 2021 and 39% compared to 2019.

The Alliance for the bike launched an online platform to support the sector actors. This is an attempt to encourage candidates to support cycling in France and to vote for the Assembly for one of the key measures that they believe should be introduced.

The platform lists 130 candidates for deputy who have already won the election. The ex-president MoDem group Patrick Mignola is there, as well as the left-wing macronist Fiona Lazaar and the boss of Europe Ecologie-Les Verts Julien Bayou. We also find Generation Ecology Delphine Batho's leader, and the right-wing, macron-compatible deputy for the 18th arrondissement in Paris Pierre-Yves Bournazel. Radicalized cyclists can get an idea. For the moment, there are only two Zemmourist candidates. What if the bike was "neither right nor left"?

"A small Gallic village. Danielle Simonnet thinks of Obelix and Asterix when she mentions Lamia El Aaraje's candidacy in the Paris 15th district legislative elections. This is a way to say that the latter is, in his view, the last resister of the national wave. In this case, the alliance of left within the New Popular Ecological and Social Unions (Nupes). It is Simmonet, who is the "rebellious", in the 20th arrondissement. The Socialist Party (PS), however, has made a national exception and supported El Aaraje.

The first LFI advisor in Paris is close to Jean-Luc Melenchon, whom she followed after he quit the PS in 2008. The second, a doctor of pharmacy and a health law lawyer, was also elected councilor of Paris. He wished to be inducted into the Nupes. The battle between the left and the right is being waged by interposed markets. Richard Godin's Report:

But what's the right thing to do? It is difficult to answer, as the party appears to have become a sham organization since Valerie Pecresse's defeat. Be assured that traditions will not be lost. The Republicans are now focusing on their house specialty, the War of the Leaders. The new generation is jostling for the gates as Christian Jacob, the party boss, is stepping down and retiring completely from politics. He is not running to become a deputy. Rachida Dati intends to be heard. Julien Aubert suggests that he would be interested. Othman Nasrou, vice-president of Ile-de-France region, made it known in Thursday's "l'Opinion," that he wants "to take his part in the refoundation and revival of the right". Although the party is now bloodless, there are still leaders who can lead.