Macron launches his campaign. A 'trick question,' for the RN candidate, Abad's future political prospects

Three days remain before the first round in the legislative elections.

Macron launches his campaign. A 'trick question,' for the RN candidate, Abad's future political prospects

Three days remain before the first round in the legislative elections. The campaign officially began, but the excitement is still not there.

Clichy-sous Bois is the next in line after Marseille and Cherbourg. Clichy-sous-Bois was voted D-3 in the first round legislative elections. While the polls continue to support the New Popular Ecological and Social Union's (Nupes) push, Emmanuel Macron is trying regain control. The State's head took advantage of Wednesday's move in Seine-Saint-Denis in Clichy-sous-Bois to confront its enemies. The same argument was used during the presidential election.

He said, "When I look at projects of the Nupes or the RN, these are projects of exits form Europe, incoherent project on ecology and projects with Russia." cowardly. Although he tried to discredit Nupes ("a project of taxation and prohibition"), the head of state also maintained an optimistic smile. He said, "I believe that the French and French can give a majority support to the project I carry". These outings may not be enough to reassure "walkers", who are on the ground concerned about the Melenchonist threat. Emmanuel Macron will continue his campaigning on Thursday, June 9. He will be joined by Gerald Darmanin in Tarn for a visit focusing on rural security.

It was something we were already discussing a few weeks back: The question of "public service" seems to be bothering the National Rally representatives. Following, among others, Sophie Carnicer (2nd Constituency of Territoire de Belfort), and Melanie Fortier (2nd Constituency of Cote-d'Or), a third candidate fell on the floor during a debate on Canal 32, a local television station. The frontist Evelyne, a candidate in the 2nd District of Aube, was unable to answer the fatal question. Instead, she pulled out her secret weapon, "pass", as if she were a contestant on a TV game. Yes, just like "Weak Link". This exchange is worthy for a sketch. "Evelyne Henry on the defense public service ...", launches a journalist. The contestant does not answer and says, "Ah, that's just a trick question for you." This is a subject I don't know anything about, so I will have to leave (laughs).

David Guiraud (national speaker of La France Insoumise, and candidate for Nupes 8th district in the North) shared the sequence. It has since gone viral on Twitter. It is an Nupes, but one should be wary of mockery. In recent days, it was a candidate from its ranks that has been widely mocked for his hesitations in defending the economic plan of his movement. The candidate Salome Robin, facing Olivier Veran (1st District) after a lengthy, convoluted, and hesitant reasoning process, had to give up.

Oyonnax, the historic electoral stronghold of Damien Abad was visited by Christian Jacob, the boss of Republicans. Jacob came to criticize "the unimaginable attitude of the former president LR deputies that left for Macron." Also dub Julien Martinez was invested in the last minute to replace Abad at the LR lists. This Oyonnax local elected official is the leader of the opposition. He is also close with Xavier Bertrand. The challenger cautiously states, "We approach the election with great humility. We left late." His task will be difficult against Damien Abad, who won a large portion of the vote in 2017 (67%), and is still a well-known face locally. Alexandre, a local activist says that everyone has had a drink with him here. However, he acknowledges that going to Macron like that overnight is like "replacing ten years worth of field work."

Another delicate topic is the rape allegations made by two women. These accusations were revealed by Mediapart shortly after Damien Abad was appointed to the Ministry of Solidarity, Autonomy and People with Disabilities. "Here, it is silent. This is why we don't like to be in the spotlight, especially when it comes to this type of thing. Everyone is talking about it. We are more on the side of modesty. Julien Martinez says, "I am not commenting on that case."

They feel they've been tricked and manipulated by the government. They passed the ENA competition two years ago; in September they will graduate the National Institute of Public Service. This institute does not offer the same visibility or the same career opportunities. It's all to do with the reform of senior civil services, which is reshaping all the cards of civil service. This has already triggered an unprecedented strike of young diplomats on June 2nd, worried about the disappearance in their particular recruitment sector.

The strike by the 82 Germaine-Tillon students from the INSP has begun on Thursday, June 9, a historic strike in school history. They decry the uncertainty that they face, the "hurried reform" that was implemented and the "deterioration of the attractiveness" of the positions that were available to them next October. They are concerned about a decrease in the number of positions of responsibility.

Anticor's Parisian section, an anti-corruption organization, conducted a study to determine which candidates in Paris for Sunday's legislative election could be considered "bad students" in terms of morality or ethics. There are about twenty. They have been indicted or convicted if they are not guilty of any illegal activity, or investigated or exposed by the media. Anticor has also targeted the "homesickers", those who don't vote for probity laws, as well as the "candidate ministers", who have already declared their intention to remain in government in case of victory on 12th or 19th of next june.

A heterogeneous assembly that includes Sylvain Maillard (LREM deputy), who was implicated in the Pandora Papers. Gilles Le Gendre is the former president at the Palais-Bourbon of the majority group. Sophia Chikirou, whose company Mediascop, is also implicated in a case involving overbilling communication services to Jean-Luc Melenchon's presidential election campaign in 2017. The RN Wallerand de Saint-Just was already indicted in the case against Jeanne, the micro-party frontist, and is also included in the file of the parliamentary aids of National Front in European Parliament. Ou Buon Tan is the outgoing representative of the 9th constituency. He is reputedly so close to Beijing, that he was the only deputy who voted against last January's resolution to denounce the Uighur genocide. You can find a Prevert-style list here.

Rachel Keke (Nupes candidate) is the favorite in the second round of the 7th constituency in Val-de-Marne. Jean-Luc Melenchon won 33% on April 10, and Rachel Keke is the favorite. Francois Ruffin protected her, who featured her on his film "Debout des femmes!" This resident of Chevilly-Larue was a supporter of her at a Fresnes meeting. She was also the face of the 22-month-long struggle against the Ibis-Batignolles chambermaids in Paris to the group Accor.

Ultra-mediatized, battle won Roxana Maracineanu, a former swimming champion, will be facing her and will use her card as a former Minister for Sports to challenge her to victory. Vincent Jeanbrun (the young mayor of Hay-les-Roses), who plays the card local establishment, has challenged Roxana Maracineanu for the place. He offered LREM a map of his town, which he had drawn on a street market. Before tweeting: Roxana Maracineanu is able to swim, but she can't skydive. Reply on Sunday.

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