Macron's urgency, Sarkozy’s star, Hidalgo’s return

We are just 11 days away from the first round legislative elections, and Emmanuel Macron has entered the race.

Macron's urgency, Sarkozy’s star, Hidalgo’s return

We are just 11 days away from the first round legislative elections, and Emmanuel Macron has entered the race.

After waiting for weeks, he finally left the Elysee. Emmanuel Macron, long monopolized by the election of the government and nominations for the legislative polls, made his first five-year trip on Tuesday. The Head of State made a move to get involved in the electoral campaign. He visited the Cherbourg Hospital Center for a visit to address the "systemic crisis" in the health sector. He was accompanied by Brigitte Bourguignon (the new Minister of Health), who confirmed that he would launch the major health conference he promised in his presidential election programme "from July". Due to a shortage of personnel, 120 emergency services have been forced to reduce their activities or are planning to do so.

The larger, the better. Four days after chaotic management at the Stade de France of the Champions League final, the Minister of Interior is in chaos. Gerald Darmanin, the Minister of the Interior, is singled out because he claimed that between 30,000 and 40,000 English supporters arrived at Stade de France without tickets or with fake tickets. The French Football Federation and UEFA, which is the governing body for European football, rated the number of "counterfeit" tickets scanned at "2,800" on Saturday.

Gerald Darmanin is a "pathological liar", Jordan Bardella, president of the National Rally(RN), on France Inter, said. Adrien Quatennens (deputy La France insoumise) slammed a minister who was "unable to manage events' safety and public tranquility". After the controversy, Gerald Darmanin will be heard by the Senate along with Amelie Oudea–Castera, Minister of Sports.

Every day, "l’Obs” takes you to a key constituency. Today's story is about Marie-Caroline Le Pen's return to grace. The eldest daughter of founder of the National Front (FN), renamed RN (2018), was long exiled from her clan. She was omnipresent with her sister during the presidential elections. She confides that she is sensitive to the "feminine, more intimate attentions" such as the choice and organization of outfits, as well as "questions of agendas," which she manages to keep to a minimum to avoid "burnout".

She has led the fight for the National Rally in Hauts-deSeine for the past few weeks in her (previous) own name. This could be considered personal revenge for him, twenty-five year after his megretist sedition. She's back, even though the former outcast doesn’t like being in the spotlight. Marie-Caroline Le Pen, 62, is now a key figure in the RN. She is the emotional pillar for Marine Le Pen, and the wife of Philippe Olivier. Jordan Bardella is the new president and dolphin of the boss of the RN, their 23-year old daughter. It is the foundation of the marinist edifice.

It is hard to comprehend what motivated her to set out on Neuilly, the historic bastion for the right. She admits that it is not a gift. Marie-Caroline Le Pen, an outgoing MP on the Sablons Market, met Constance Le Grip (a Sarkozyist who had just been invested by the president majority), in the middle of a tow. She was greeted by the elected official, who said: "I shake your hands, but in a republican manner."

Sarko is the big loser in the presidential election. "Assures a right wing deputy who rallied for the macronie. "For the LR activists that had done the Sarkothon who bought his books, and stood in line to sign, he was a traitor by not supporting Pecresse. It doesn't exist in the macronie! He only invested a handful of deputies. He was supposed to be the minister, but he doesn’t even have one.

An allusion to echoes suggesting that the former head-of-state had advised his successor in large part on the formation and operation of the government

Sarah Knafo was an adviser to Eric Zemmour. She had previously sympathized with Jean Lassalle, a future presidential candidate. The enarque had met Jean Lassalle, deputy of the Pyrenees - Atlantiques, on a plane. She was then doing an internship in Pau. In the informed story that Francois-Xavier Menage devotes to "The Intriguing Sarah Knafo", (Robert Laffont), the journalists Ava Djamshidi & Francois-Xavier Menage tell them that the enarque invited him to her Paris home for "free discussion" (Robert Laffont).

Lassalle, who would like to have set up political projects together with her, recalls that it was impossible to go there. He will later ask the young woman: "Why didn’t you choose me?" The respondent laughs and says, "You didn’t ask me!"

Anne Hidalgo, a month and a quarter after her bitter defeat in the presidential election made her political return on Tuesday at a Paris city council meeting. Rachida Dati, her rival, had the chance to crush her, particularly about her 1.7% score. The mayor of the 7th district will engage in customary sarcasm. Take a look at:

In the political news, Philippe Marini (Les Republicains), the mayor of Compiegne was taken into police custody Tuesday in connection to an investigation into corruption relating to the award of a sector waste treatment public contract.

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