Macronie is burying the Republican front

This was the question that emerged during the first round legislative elections.

Macronie is burying the Republican front

This was the question that emerged during the first round legislative elections. How will the Head-of-State's troops and left-wing coalition position themselves in constituencies that are exempted from the second round of the legislative elections in favor of far right? Both sides have ambiguous answers.

Sophia Chikirou, candidate Nupes for Paris' 6th District, stated that she would say "what we have always said," which was to say, not one vote for the National Rally. This is the exact position Jean-Luc Melenchon took in the face Marine Le Pen's and Emmanuel Macron's duel in the second round presidential election. It could be in 2017 or 2022.

His alliance with three left-wing partners, ecologists and communists, as well as socialists, within Nupes, meant that Emmanuel Macron was able to block the far right. The leader of La France subordinate even appeared to allow the candidates to give their instructions. He said something vaguely: "Everyone will understand in their constituency their duty and what they should do as Republicans with their ballot."

Olivia Gregoire (candidate in the 12th District of Paris) also spoke out on the topic of France 2 and said that the situation would only be a temporary one. number of constituencies. If there is a duel between the extreme left and the right in the second round of macronie, then no national instruction.

Despite the fact that Jean-Luc Melenchon isn't known for refusing to give clear advice when the National Rally faces the troops of Emmanuel Macron, it is a rare occurrence in the camp where he is the leader of state. This subject could even cause division. The President of the National Assembly Richard Ferrand felt that he had "common values" during the interval rounds of the presidential elections. It is also true that Emmanuel Macron, the President of the National Assembly, had declared: "The Republican Front no longer exists."

Elisabeth Borne was the first to present in Calvados. She seemed to have sent the National Rally and the united left back to back. Jean-Michel Blanquer supported this position, which was defeated in round one in the fourth constituency of Loiret in which he represented himself.

"I said this solemnly. The extreme left is as dangerous as the extreme right. I have lived it in flesh for five years, not just since the beginning of this campaign," said the former Minister to National Education. This is why I am saying it very solemnly. In the second round beyond this constituency we must succeed in the democratic rebound. This presupposes better elected government parties and more votes in second round. This is evidently what will guide me for Loiret as well for France.

These positions have angered the left, particularly on the side of socialists and environmentalists who, for their part, called on their troops for them to vote for Emmanuel Macron during the second round. The PS Olivier Faure boss immediately attacked the executive for coming in first in the 11th Seine-et-Marne district at 47%. "I just listened Madame Borne. His intervention was quite shocking to me. I'm not left-wing. It's impossible to bring us back face-to-face with each other, Nupes or the far right," he said.

Yannick Jadot, an ex-ecologist and presidential candidate, also sparked anger on Sunday night. "Environmentalists rallied massively to defeat Le Pen in the presidential election. It is scandalous to hear Gabriel Attal and Olivia Gregoire refuse to vote in the event there was a duel between Nupes or the National Rally. The Green MEP was furious.

Laurence Rossignol, a socialist senator, was outraged by La Republique En Marche's inability to give national voting instructions to stop the far right. This question could actually be the subject of a macronie vote in the between-two rounds.

Maud Bregeon was the first to vote in Hauts-de-Seine's 13th constituency. She waived her support for Nupes in round 2. On BFMTV, the spokesperson for LREM stated that "Not a voice of the far right" and imitated the directives of the "rebellious". Before calling for "beat the far right wherever is it in the second round", the spokesperson for LREM did not understand whether this was a personal statement or a national policy. Unless the Head Of State's troops changed gears during the evening.

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