Man who was wrongfully charged with murder got exonerated after 28 years’ imprisonment

A man from North Carolina who was wrongfully charged with murder in a Trinity County

Man who was wrongfully charged with murder got exonerated after 28 years’ imprisonment

A man from North Carolina who was wrongfully charged with murder in a Trinity County just got released based on fresh uncovered proof and the statement of the genuine culprit after being in jail for 28 years. His verdict was overturned on August 23.

A 38-year-old veteran of the armed forces, Bob Fenenbock was arrested by the authorities on October 1991 for his participation in the assault and murder of suspected child molester, Gary Summar aged 37.
Summar was killed from 70 stab injuries at Hawkins Bar by an attacker who was determined to take revenge for the molestation of his girlfriend’s four-year-old daughter.

The main lawyer of Fenenbock’s case was Paige Kaneb, who was an employee at the Innocence Project in Northern California, that advocates for those who had been wrongfully convicted. Paige Kaneb stated that Bob was just in an unlucky spot.

Bob Fenenbock has currently gained his freedom as he wept on the shoulder on his 43-year-old daughter, who he was able to see after almost 30 years.
Bob was not able to get more than a pat on the back from his daughter since the time of his incarceration in 1991 for a Trinity County homicide he knew nothing about.

Fenenbock, who is now 66 years old still wore the white sneakers and gray garb of a prisoner, but came out a liberated man from the Solano County Courthouse in Fairfield.

Bob Fenenbock smiled at his daughter, Shane Tucker and said that it came as a surprise and it felt unreal until she came to meet him. It was impossible to hug a female in prison, but he was able to hug his daughter for as long as he wanted. 

The rest of the life of a defendant depends on the result of a criminal case and concerning Fenenbock’s case, several events passed by. From being unable to witness special holidays, birthdays, and the grandkids he never had the opportunity to hold. This is an existence of valuable memories taken from a man where the court determined his fate by the bogus statement made by a 9-year-old boy.

A group of lawyers with the inclusion of a Los Angeles murder lawyer and the Innocence Project at the Santa Clara University School of law facilitated his exoneration after two years.

His defense attorney stated that Fenenbock was initially sentenced as a result of the invented story from a 9-year-old boy coerced by the police to collaborate with their deductions. The authorities were convinced that Fenenbock was among the gang of vengeful individuals who killed Gary Summar the child molester in October 1991 by stabbing him 70 times.

Paige stated that the only evidence was a kid at the back of the car who continuously informed the police that he saw nothing but was forced until he agreed and pointed to Bob.

However, the lawyers of the defendant indicated that someone else named Bernard MacCarlie admitted to carrying out the murder of Summar soon after the sentence of Fenenbock in which physical proof that includes the marks from the tire of the truck and blood samples affirmed his confession.

The state laws on post-conviction proof became less stringent in 2017 and a judge at a Solano Superior Court overturned and exonerated Fenenbock on August 23.
Paige indicated that none of the proof found in the truck pointed at Bob and it seems too late when everyone discovered the absence of genuine evidence, but they just seem convinced he was part of the gang and proceeded.

Paige stated that the only thing Fenenbock was interested in was to play with his grandkids when he was taken by his daughter and legal counsel to Harry’s Sportsman Lounge in Fairfield. She indicated in a report that he didn’t have the opportunity to do this.

Fenenbock never had the opportunity to do many things.

Kaneb stated that Fenenbock was the child of a professional footballer, lived in Hawaii and California and came to love Northern California. She also added that he became a fan of spending time in the woods and having fun with nature.

His life, however, took an unfortunate turn in 1991 while residing in Trinity County very close to the Hawkins Bar campground carrying out a woodwork business.

The campground was circulated with rumors that a 4-year-old was molested by Summar.  Summar was murdered subsequently after some days with his body lying under the firewood, which made officials conclude that he was killed by a gang as a result of the child he molested.
MacCarlie and his girlfriend’s 9-year-old son had driven Fenenbock, 38, home on the night of the murder.

Fenenbock’s lawyers stated that MacCarlie was also arrested that night, but for a different reason. The boy informed the police that there was no occurrence throughout the drive.

The boy was then taken to the crime scene by the police with blood and drag marks to bear witness. The lawyers then stated that the boy was informed to act as a detective by the police and state what they felt could cause the murder because they were convinced it happened during the drive with Fenenbock and MacCarlie.

The boy finally decided to invent an implicating story against MacCarlie, Fenenbock, and two others and he informed the authorities repeatedly that the story was fabricated.

Nine people were arrested as murder suspects on account of the boy’s story
The fabricated story the boy gave convicted Fenenbock since he was the first to stand trial.

MacCarlie, who had previously been a victim of child molestation became very angry when he learned Summar had molested a child and later confessed to killing him during an out-of-the-body feeling soon after the sentence.

Physical proof that established his statement was discovered such as the splatter of blood found on the red truck MacCarlie used and marks that were similar to those at the crime scene.

He was then charged and sentenced to prison for life.

The parents of Fenenbock who are now dead had never wavered concerning the innocence of their son and he had always been visited every week in prison by his mother even until her 80s.

Fenenbock, who had always remained positive even when wrongly charged, stated that he had always wrestled against this for 28 years, even though it was impossible to fight against the high powers and without the assistance of the Innocence Project, he wouldn’t be where he was, within a short period.

Kaneb stated that his grandkids and four daughters were all glad he was free even Tucker stated that she had a connection with her father 15 years ago and still found it hard to believe he is completely free.

Tucker stated that he was now a father and a grandfather and now that he is back once again with his family, the most important thing is to remain positive and have high hopes.

Date Of Update: 04 October 2019, 13:26

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