Many people are killed when the weather system unleashes record breaking heat, tornadoes, and hail across different parts of the country

The National Weather Service has forecast a range of weather dangers across the country over the weekend.

Many people are killed when the weather system unleashes record breaking heat, tornadoes, and hail across different parts of the country

The weather agency is warning of thunderstorms, tornadoes, and large hail in parts of the central and western U.S.As well as record-breaking high temperatures in the east.

The National Weather Service Prediction Center stated Saturday morning that a storm system was moving across the central U.S., creating numerous weather hazards, from the Intermountain west to the Upper Great Lakes.
The National Weather Service stated that portions of the Midwest, Northern Plains, and Upper Great Lakes were already feeling the effects of Saturday's wintry weather. The National Weather Service issued
winter advisory statements for several states on Saturday by, including Nebraska and Michigan.

The NWS stated that Nebraska will see snow accumulations of up to five inches and 40 mph winds gusts. Colorado may see up to eight inches of snow, with 55 mph wind gusts. South Dakota could see mixed precipitation at 35 mph.

The NWS stated that pockets of significant freezing rain in Wisconsin and Michigan will continue to be a concern through Sunday morning. Through the weekend, Ice Storm Warnings will be in effect for portions of Michigan and Minnesota.

Residents in affected areas were warned by the NWS to expect slippery roads and poor visibility due to patchesy blowing snow. According to the NWS, large amounts of ice could cause power outages or tree damage in some areas.

According to the NWS, "A few inches snowfalling quickly after sunset can make travel treacherous at points."

The warm side of the weather could cause thunderstorms in the Midwest. Some parts of Nebraska are currently under severe thunderstorm warnings. The weather service is predicting 60 mph wind gusts, quarter-sized hail and a maximum of 60 mph winds. According to the NWS, severe storms are possible in parts of Missouri and south-central Iowa.

According to the NWS, "Damaging winds gusts associated with these storms are the most probable hazard," however, isolated tornadoes or large hail are also possible."

Multiple areas of Iowa, Missouri, and Oklahoma are currently under tornado watch. On Saturday afternoon, multiple tornadoes were confirmed throughout Iowa Nebraska. According to Madison County's emergency management, at least six people died in Iowa when tornadoes struck. Officials aid.

According to the NWS, a severe thunderstorm has been identified that could cause a tornado in Mercer County Missouri. There has been a tornado warning.

Residents living in the area should consider moving to basements or rooms on the lowest floors of buildings to avoid flying debris and windows.

According to the NWS, the storm system will also bring record-breaking heat temperatures across the eastern U.S. Monday and Sunday. New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Northern Virginia could experience temperatures in the 70s. On Monday, Northern Virginia could see temperatures in the 80s. These temperatures are about 20-30 degrees higher than the average, according to the NWS.


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