Massachusetts police standoff with heavily armed men who claim not to recognize laws

Two people were arrested. According to state police, six to eight other people remain at large.

Massachusetts police standoff with heavily armed men who claim not to recognize laws

An ongoing standoff between heavily-armed men and Massachusetts police continues Saturday, prompting shelter in place orders in certain areas and massive delays over the holiday weekend due to Interstate 95 still being shut down.

Police said that the standoff started around 2 a.m. when they saw two cars stopped on I-95 with their hazard lights on.

According to Col. Christopher Mason, Massachusetts State Police Officer, between eight and ten men were dressed in military-style gear with pistols or long guns.

Police said that the men refused to surrender their weapons or follow orders. They claimed to be part of a group that "disregards our laws." Two men were arrested after they fled to a wooded area.

Officials use negotiators in order to communicate with other suspects.

Mason stated, "Time is our ally and we will certainly use this."

The standoff caused I-95 to be closed in Wakefield in both directions. This led to heavy traffic as people drove on the roads for the Fourth-of- July weekend.

Interstate 95 runs through Massachusetts from Rhode Island to Boston, and around Boston to New Hampshire. Wakefield lies just east of the point where Interstate 95 meets Interstate 93 north of Boston.

Wakefield residents were advised to lock their doors, and take refuge in the place they are located.

According to Wakefield police, no threats were made. However, the men were considered dangerously armed.

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