Massive fire Rips through Compton

COMPTON, Calif. -- A enormous fire observable across Los Angeles burnt piles of pallets at a commercial lawn and buses parked at a nearby lot ancient Friday.

Massive fire Rips through Compton

The inferno erupted in Compton before sunrise and produced a huge column of smoke which rose into the sky and spread broadly across the metropolitan region.

The flame involved a mattress company but it did not seem that mattresses burned off, he explained.

McCombs said the fire could have started in a street. The cause was under investigation but it didn't seem to be questionable, '' he explained.

The fire was reported about 4:45 a.m. and over a hundred firefighters and 26 fire engines from several agencies reacted.

Around three hours after the fire was included but wasn't extinguished, McCombs said.

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