Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania: Corona expert Kaderali for the omission of mask requirements

Calls for an end to corona mask requirements are increasing.

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania: Corona expert Kaderali for the omission of mask requirements

Calls for an end to corona mask requirements are increasing. Corona expert Kaderali now also agrees – and still advocates wearing masks in certain cases.

Greifswald (dpa/mv) - The corona expert Lars Kaderali is in favor of lifting the remaining corona mask requirements, for example on buses and trains. “I would actually be in favor of lifting them now,” said the member of the Federal Government’s Corona Expert Council of the German Press Agency. If necessary, you can wait until about a week after New Year's Eve to see if the numbers go down. "But I actually think that as far as Corona is concerned, that's no longer necessary."

Most recently, a renewed increase in the number of corona infections, but above all a strong flu epidemic and other respiratory diseases had led to a high burden on the healthcare system. According to Kaderali, data indicated an easing. "Although that's still very difficult to assess at the moment." The reason is the possible impact of the holidays. It is not yet entirely clear how the changed contact behavior will affect the holidays.

Kaderali hopes that mouth and nose protection will not disappear completely after a possible lifting of the mask requirement. In such a case, the state withdraws and the responsibility passes increasingly to each individual. One can learn a few things from Southeast Asia, for example, where masks were worn more frequently even before the corona pandemic. That makes sense, for example, if you are ill yourself or there is a strong flu epidemic, said the bioinformatician.

The corona protective measures would have contributed to the strong wave of respiratory diseases. The immune systems had had no contact with the pathogens for practically three years. However, this is no reason not to wear masks as a matter of principle, emphasized Kaderali. Ideally, the immune system should be trained through vaccinations. The rate for flu vaccinations was recently too low. With masks you can protect yourself from symptoms such as fever, but also flatten waves of infection.

With a view to the current corona situation in China, Kaderali said: "My impression is that a catastrophe is looming, actually. There will be many deaths there." Although the zero-Covid strategy gained time, it was not used. There are still many unvaccinated people in the risk groups, and the vaccine used there is not as good as the ones used in this country. "That's what ultimately saved our skin in Germany and Europe, that a very effective vaccine was widely vaccinated here."

Because of the many infections in China, Kaderali also sees the danger of new variants. So far, this has not caused him any great concern, but it must be kept in mind. Various countries have already announced or introduced mandatory tests for travelers from China. "I could imagine that it makes sense to do that," said Kaderali.

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