Schwerin (dpa / mv) – The financing of the voluntary care associations in the coming year will cause resentment in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The country’s Parity Welfare Association warned on Thursday of funding gaps. Legal complaints from clubs are not excluded, said a spokeswoman for the association.

The Federal Government’s reformed care law for people who cannot run their own business provides for extended tasks for the associations. The federal states are called upon to ensure adequate financing. Opinions differ on what is acceptable.

The state had initially set 200,000 euros in the budget. From the point of view of the clubs, this is far too little – an estimate there speaks of a need of 1.3 million euros per year. The Ministry of Social Affairs doubts this. A ministry spokesman told the German Press Agency that 2023 is now considered a transitional year. The care associations should account for their costs. You would get this refunded. The subsidy from 2024 should then be calculated on the basis of these values. The 200,000 euros mentioned in the budget are a minimum value.

The necessary state law is to be decided next Wednesday in the state parliament. After the positive vote by the legal committee last Wednesday, there was criticism from the opposition. FDP parliamentary group leader René Domke accused the red-red state government of leaving the 26 care associations in the state out in the rain in 2023. The health policy spokeswoman for the CDU parliamentary group, Katy Hoffmeister, said the government was flying blind.