Rostock (dpa/mv) – Sports director Martin Pieckenhagen does not see the 2nd Bundesliga as the end of the line for FC Hansa Rostock. “We will continue to work on the vision in order to move up at some point, like Greuther Fürth or VfL Bochum did. In any case, after two years in the second division, we don’t want to go down. This league It’s just more fun,” said Pieckenhagen of the “Ostsee-Zeitung” (Thursday).

The former goalkeeper reiterated that it was “brutally difficult for promoted players to stay in the 2nd division”. In the medium term, the association wants to “build something up and achieve ever greater stability through healthy growth in all areas”.

Pieckenhagen has been in office for four years. “I’ve always said: The longer I stay, the nicer it is. Because that’s a sign of the club’s successful work. Continuity is a very important factor – not just in my position,” said the 51-year-old. “Before my time, there was a relatively high turnover in this position. With a few right decisions, we managed to achieve sporting stability and also further development.”