Rostock (dpa/mv) – In the trial against a 27-year-old for triple murder, the pleadings are due on Monday (9.30 a.m.) in the Rostock district court, and the verdict is to be announced a week later.

The young man is said to have murdered his parents and sister about a year ago. During interrogations, the accused admitted to the crimes and stated “hatred of everyone” as the motive. In court, however, he retracted his confession through his lawyer.

The public prosecutor accuses the German of having killed his 52-year-old father, his 25-year-old sister and four days later his 48-year-old mother in his parents’ home in Rövershagen with a crossbow and a garden machete. Two weeks later he is said to have buried the bodies in self-made coffins about ten kilometers away in a field near Roggentin (Rostock district).

A psychiatric expert recently came to the conclusion that the 27-year-old was fully culpable.