Melenchon's polls and Darmanin's liability, Rachida Dati’s accusations

We are now 10 days away from the first round in the legislative elections.

Melenchon's polls and Darmanin's liability, Rachida Dati’s accusations

We are now 10 days away from the first round in the legislative elections. Melenchon is still alive.

He believes it. Or he pretends to be very well. Jean-Luc Melenchon, the heartbeat of the bobo left from April 10, was back on the stage in Paris' 11th arrondissement on Wednesday night. Sophia Chikirou, the leader and representative of the Insoumis, tried to mobilize his troops in an Olympe de Gouges filled with hangers, white-hot by his advisor, by repeating "victory is at hand."

Surrounded by Parisian Nupes candidates and third man in presidential election, the third man celebrated in the union of left the birth of a lasting organization. He said, "We would hide [our divisions]... Ah ah... It's primarily you commentators that seek to hide the union." JLM was surprised and almost disappointed to discover that Emmanuel Macron had "not campaigned" two weeks before the first round in the legislative elections. He reserved some bullets for Gerald Darmanin, Prefect Lallement and Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin, who were both blamed for the Stade de France fiasco. He also made light of his favourite targets, the editorialists who, due to the particularity of the ballot, consider it impossible for Nupes to win. Jean-Luc Melenchon had an absolute blast.

If we believe recent polls, the former Marseille MP can certainly boast of having initiated a dynamic. An Elabe opinion poll conducted for "L'Express", and BFM TV found that the alliance of left and environmentalists received 25% of voting intentions. This is close to the presidential majority (24.5%) but ahead of the extreme right (22% Marine Le Pen's National Rally). The Les Republicains party is clearly in the back (12.5%)

The voting system allows macronists to say thanks to it. They can hope for between 245 to 315 deputies (the absolute majority is at 289 seats). The New Popular Ecological and Social Union, Nupes (the New Popular Ecological and Social Union) would have between 150 and 180 seats.

Another poll, the Ifop Fiducial barometer LCI, places the presidential majority in neck-and-neck with the Nupes at the bottom, with 27 percent and 25% respectively of the voting intentions. This would give the Macronists a 275-310 seat advantage, while the Nupes have 170-205 seats.

37% want Emmanuel Macron to be the majority in government, while 63% desire cohabitation.

Elabe poll: A sample of 2000 people was surveyed via the internet between May 30 and June 1. Margin of error is between 1.0 to 3.0 percentage points. Ifop poll - Sample of 1,796 individuals interviewed over the internet between May 25 and 28, margin of error between 1.0 and 2.2% percentage points.

Only a week remains for the government to try and regain points. He does it without nuance like Bruno Le Maire. The formula of the day is written by the Minister of Economy and Finance: Jean-Luc Melenchon, a Gallic Chavez, says that he speaks and listens to his constituents. .

Le Maire says that a victory for Melenchon would mean "submission (...) international financial organisations", "to Vladimir Putin's authoritarian regime" or "a communitarian vision of political Islam".

Boris Vallaud is discrete. The former Deputy Secretary General at the Elysee Palace refused to visit the "Obs" and answered our telephone interview request with silence. We were concerned to the point of panicking. "He's fine, he was there last night!" We are reassured, laughing at the socialist senator of Landes Eric Kerrouche. He insists, "But yes, it is busy, he's campaigning mad."

Boris Vallaud was in charge of Anne Hidalgo’s program. He had to negotiate substantive issues with other left-wing parties and La France Insoumise within the New Popular Ecological and Social Union. We asked him about the details of the negotiations and he said that he was already riding a train towards the Landes. One wonders if Emmanuel Macron is so at ease with the Nupes who made his candidate. Or is he betting that he will win the proximity card in this election? Check out our report in Landes with his challenger who is a former socialist.

Continuation, but not ending! The political soap opera that was triggered by Saturday's events at the Stade de France. On Wednesday, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin was asked about the failures of the police during a Senate hearing. The minister acknowledged that "it is evident that things could have been more organized." He denied any criticisms of the police force present. According to him, "There was more than enough police personnel". He admitted that he made "disproportionate gestures." He also admitted that "multiple tickets were duplicated hundreds upon hundreds of times", citing the example of a ticket copied "744 times."

Darmanin claims that he was trying to make sure that "30,000 to 40,000." English supporters arrived at the Stade de France without tickets or with fake tickets. On Wednesday, Marine Le Pen was denounced for telling a "serious lie" and said that he "should think on his own" that he should leave.

Darmanin received however the support of the Head. After the Council of Ministers, Olivia Gregoire, a government spokeswoman, stated that Gerald Darmanin was a Minister of Interior who has the full trust of the President of Republic. However, media outlets reported that Macron was furious and asked his minister to stop throwing away.

On Wednesday, the legal battle for Paris's legislative elections turned into a fistfight. Rachida Dati filed a report to court to accuse Gilles Le Gendre "sexual and moral harassment". The Macronist deputy, who was then outgoing, initiated proceedings to "slanderous denunciation," against Dati (Les Republicains).

Rachida Dati repeated the comments of Joachim Sonforget, former LREM deputy, that he accused Rachida of being "self-convicted of sexual abuse which [him] were directly reported by alleged victims". Son-Forget, however, is well-known for his bizarre or malicious positions.

We are pleased to pass the untold number of sentences from Francois Hollande that were relayed Wednesday night by "the Parisian". Correze was where he came to support a dissident candidate in the Nupes alliance. "The ex" didn't rule out a new presidential bid in 2027. The one who hadn't dared to run again after his mandate expired, he said that "Everything is still Open". His polls were so poor, he was not allowed to answer any questions about 2027. He wasn't asked about 2032 or 2037.

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