Isabelle Balkany, who was hospitalized following her suicide attempt in February last year, was released from the hospital on Saturday. She is currently recovering at home in Giverny (Eure), AFP received on Sunday from a source with knowledge of the matter. Pierre-Olivier Sur, his lawyer, did not want to confirm this.

The courts should summon the former Levallois-Perret first assistant (Hauts-de-Seine), 74, depending on her health.

In February, justice revoked his three-year sentence for tax evasion and placed him under an electronic bracelet. This meant that he was incarcerated. According to a source, she was admitted for four months due to “physical and psychological” issues and was also hospitalized for a long time. She was “still very tired” Sunday.

Isabelle Balkany, who had swallowed “significant amounts” of her usual treatment, wrote on Twitter that she just wanted to sleep, SLEEP, in February.

Rouen Court of Appeal also confirmed that the Sentence Enforcement Court of Evreux (Eure), had revoked the placement under the electronic bracelet of Isabelle Balkany and Patrick Balkany. This was due to numerous flaws. They spent their time playing with fire. It’s simple: playing with fire can cause you to burn. “Said Evreux, the public prosecutor, and also deploring a “complete lack of effort” to pay off their tax debt.

Justice says that their electronic bracelets have been ringing since March 2021 because of a hundred “incidents”. The Balkany spouses were placed under house arrest at their Giverny residence, the Cossy Mill.

Isabelle Balkany, former vice-president Hauts-de-Seine General Council, was sentenced to three-years in prison without a warrant. The court considered her health following a suicide attempt in May 2019.

Paris Court of Appeal confirmed the couple’s conviction for tax fraud on March 4, 2020. The sentence included a three year prison sentence. This was the first phase of a lengthy tax evasion process that had led to their placement under an electronic wristband in March 2021.

Last Monday, Patrick Balkany was paroled by the Evry prosecution. He has been held in Fleury Merogis (Essonne), since February. He will remain in prison until the Paris Court of Appeal makes a decision.