Missing California Mum's family Retains prayer march:'We'll bring Maya Residence and justice will be served'

Missing California Mum's family Retains prayer march:'We'll bring Maya Residence and justice will be served'

Maya Millete's sister informs Larry Millete,'Help us bring your spouse home'

"We shall never stop trying. We won't shed hope. We'll bring Maya house. We'll go that mountain. We'll discover Maya."

That is the concept that Maricris Drouaillet, the sister of lost California girl Maya Millete, delivered to family, friends, and the Chula Vista community in a prayer march and vigil Sunday.

The 39-year-old mum of 3, disappeared out of her Chula Vista house over three months past, but the struggle to bring her home and bring her justice grows stronger daily.

Family members of Maya held Sunday's vigil together with'Missing and Murdered Native Girls and Men,' an activist group that increases awareness about the countless girls who go missing each year.

"It is time to call the neighborhood together, and it is time for all to stay together and keep in this battle. It is time for your Chula Vista Police Department to measure up," Teyana Viscarra, who headed a summit run to Mother Miquel Mountain for Maya Sunday afternoon, said to cheers in the audience.

Maricris Drouaillet provided a pointed message Sunday for Maya's husband, that hasn't helped Maya's household in any investigations and ceased cooperating with CVPD's evaluation in early February.

"Into Larry and the Millete household: for 21 decades, Maya has become a part of your loved ones.

"Today Maya, she is nowhere to be found. 21 years does not go away immediately. She loved her children more than anything else in this entire world. For the previous 3 months, because she has been missing, you haven't shown compassion, nor worry for her," Drouaillet continued. "Help us bring your spouse home. Let's bring your children' mother dwelling."

Maya Millete sought guidance on divorce lawyers in a Facebook group for Chula Vista moms around noon on the day she went missing. Later in the afternoon, she made a consultation with a divorce attorney for the subsequent week.

Larry Millete didn't respond to a request for comment Sunday.

His dad, Benito Millete, told KFMB-TV that his side of the family is awaiting Maya to come home.

"The household of Maya is searching for a dead person. We are still waiting."

Only days after Maya moved lost, Larry Millete advised San Diego's KGTV-TV the few"had issues this season up and downs."

Maya Millete fell an ominous warning on family and friends in the months leading up to her disappearance, stating,"If anything happened to me personally, it'd be Larry."

There are no suspects or persons of interest in the situation, as stated by the Chula Vista Police Department.

But Maya's family says that they won't stop trying.

"We will discover answers, we'll bring Maya residence, and justice will be served," Drouaillet stated at Sunday's vigil.

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