"Mom is gone": Pop icon Cher mourns her mother

Singer Cher and her mother Georgia Holt were of the same heart.

"Mom is gone": Pop icon Cher mourns her mother

Singer Cher and her mother Georgia Holt were of the same heart. Not just private. They stormed the charts with a country album together. Now the pop star confirms on Twitter that the mother died at the age of 96.

Cher has been showered with condolences on social media after the singer appeared to publicize her mother's death. The 76-year-old, who is usually very active on social media, had not contacted her followers for two days. Now she posted a sad emoji: "Mom is gone." Cher did not provide any further details. Her mother, Georgia Holt, was 96 years old. As early as September, the singer shared on social media that her mother had health problems.

Georgia Holt used to be a singer herself, she is said to have been on stages as a child, and TV appearances followed later. In 2013, Cher produced the hour-long Lifetime documentary Dear Mom, Love Cher, about her family history, which she gave her as a gift for her 87th birthday. The film details their intense mother-daughter bond and chronicles Holt's career as a singer and model.

He also details Holt's childhood in Arkansas, her six marriages and becoming pregnant with Cher. Due to pressure from her own mother, she almost aborted Cher. Holt's mother, after separating from her husband when she was just 19, advised her to get rid of the child or go back to her husband.

However, Georgia didn't take her mother's advice, instead keeping the child, whom she named Cherilyn Sarkisian. She only temporarily took the little girl to an orphanage because money was tight, reports the "Dailymail".

Even though Cher herself left home at the age of 17, her relationship with her mother developed harmoniously. At the age of 86 they released a country album together, "Honky Tonk Woman" even reached number 43 on the US album charts and number 13 on the Billboard charts. Cher, who sings with Georgia on the album, joked with her mother, "Do you realize you have the most expensive backing singer in the world?"