27 countries that are not endemic have reported 780 cases of monkeypox. The World Health Organization (WHO), which announced the news on Sunday, June 5, reiterated the moderate global risk.

This figure is probably underestimated due to limited epidemiological data. “It is very likely that other nations will identify cases, and that there will further spread the virus,” added the WHO.

Apart from the isolation of patients, there have been very few hospitalizations.

Great Britain (207), Spain (156) Portugal (138), Canada (58), and Germany (57) are the non-endemic countries with the highest number of cases. Cases have been reported in North America and Europe, but only one has been reported from Argentina, Australia, Morocco, and the United Arab Emirates.

“The risk to human health and the general public is low at the moment, but the public health risk could rise if the virus uses the chance to become a human pathogen in countries that are not endemic.” In an update to its assessment of the disease, the UN agency stated that the virus was widespread.

She stated that the WHO has rated the global risk as moderate because it is the first time that monkeypox cases have been reported from both endemic and non-endemic countries simultaneously. added.

The WHO reports that there have been no deaths in countries other than endemic ones: Cameroon and Central African Republic, Congo Brazzaville, Democratic Republic of Congo. In the first five months in 2022, there were 66 deaths from the seven countries.